D. Raja

The writer is national secretary, CPI, and Rajya Sabha MP.

Articles By D. Raja

Dyerism: Why the phrase coined by Mahatma Gandhi strikes a chord

What was done to J&K is contrary to PM Narendra Modi’s assurance — abjuring “gaali” and “goli” and winning over the Kashmiris by embracing them (“gale lagaane se”). But the clampdown on Kashmiris is nothing but Dyerism.

Hinduism is about catholicity and reforms, not just discrimination. Hindutva, in contrast, is a homogenising force

The debates around hard-Hindutva and soft-Hindutva are seriously tampering with the secular character of our elections and democracy. The RSS and the ruling regime wants to create a new normal — one in which being Hindu is considered a must for representing the population. This agenda should be resisted at all costs.

A Nation Wronged

Babri Masjid demolition went against constitutional morality, Ambedkar’s principles

Republic’s Sentinel

President Narayanan’s idea of India centred on sanctity of constitutional values

Of Lions And Dogs

If the RSS chief had cared to read the speeches of Vivekananda, he would have found that the swami had used the word lion in the context of the awakening of consciousness among all human beings.

The Freedom We Long For

Social empowerment remains a distant dream for millions

House Under Siege

By undermining Parliament, government is curtailing the role of the Opposition

Karl Marx’s echo in Ambedkar

As capitalism and its exploitation evolves, Karl Marx’s philosophy and intellectual tools continue to have abiding significance

Disfiguring Ambedkar’s vision

Communists and Ambedkarites need to work together to fight the communal forces.

Budget freebies for farmers clearly have elections in mind

Budget 2018: There is no change in the economic paradigm of this government. It continues to cater to corporate and big business interests. The primary source of revenue generation in this Budget remains the selling off of public sector undertakings.

Divide and misrule

India’s institutions face large challenges. We need more democracy, less restrictions.

A Nation’s Conscience

It’s the Constitution that has checked Hindutva forces to a great extent

Lessons of October

The revolutionary idea of liberation from exploitation continues to inspire.

Marx for the future

Two hundred years later, his philosophy has new significance

Lessons From Ambedkar

A fitting tribute to him would be forging unity of progressive forces against Hindutva

Democracy Under Stress

The freedom movement’s ideal of nationalism is embattled today.

The Constitution test

Government has failed to uphold Ambedkar’s vision of social and economic equality

Denying Ambedkar his due

Negating his contribution to the Constitution is part of a political design

The Restless Comrade

In his last days, A.B. Bardhan worried about the future of the Indian Left.

For an equitable society, reservations must be extended to private sector

We have allowed the unholy nexus between the upper castes and the rich to continue for long and keep the backward classes, SCs and STs suppressed.