Charan Singh

The writer is RBI chair professor of economics, IIM Bangalore.

Articles By Charan Singh

Building on the success

A long term-plan with cost implications and a stipulated timeline must be prepared to decide on the steps after demonetisation.

Reluctant PSBs

Issues of commercial viability, old and new, restrict their performance.

Working for Welfare

Contributory social security schemes launched last week could be game changers.

All that glitters

Budget offers government a chance to tap gold stocks, monetise them.

Blockbuster budget?

The Union budget will be presented in the midst of newfound optimism and positive sentiments.

Bring the Fund down to earth

Why the IMF’s advice to developing countries seems to come from a remote place.

Plotting the recovery

The economy can be revived. It will take a joint effort by government and the private sector.

A misnomer called food security

The proposed bill makes false promises. The need is to directly address problems of drinking water availability,sanitation,maternal health and childcare

Home,but not yet dry

Real estate bill is carefully drafted. But implementation will be challenging

IMF’s new prescriptions

It has begun to realise that wisdom can also be gleaned from the experience of emerging economies