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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Chandrakant Lahariya

The writer is an epidemiologist and public health specialist.

World Mental Health Day is a good day to start prioritising emotional well-being
Sun, Oct 10, 2021

October 10 is dedicated to mental health and the only way to take away the stigma associated with mental-health care is to make it accessible and routine

When patients need empathy more than medicines
Sat, Aug 07, 2021

A takeaway from this pandemic has been that most patients need attentive listening and empathy from the health providers more than just medicines to heal

How the National Task Force on oxygen supply must guide Covid response
Tue, May 11, 2021

A long-term and effective pandemic response needs broader additional expertise than medical care. The NTF will have the responsibility to ensure that India does not end up with a medicalised response to a public health challenge.

How can health professionals and the media cut the clutter of false facts around COVID-19?
Sat, May 01, 2021

The first pandemic in the age of social media has thrown up the challenge of a glut of unverified information about the virus and the disease

What an epidemiologist has gathered as we complete a year of the pandemic
Sun, Mar 21, 2021

That health is intrinsically linked to jobs, economy, social well-being, climate change and education

Today marks a year of India’s Covid-19 Case No 1. Five lessons for the future
Sat, Jan 30, 2021

In the year that is now behind us, the virus, the pandemic and related interventions changed many things around us. For most, daily routines were disrupted. The lockdown and other pandemic responses resulted in reduction of economic activities, the loss of job opportunities, economic slowdown and caused hardship to every citizen.

For India, pandemic is an opportunity to move towards universal health coverage
Wed, Dec 09, 2020

Health has been and is at the front and centre now and will be so for a year or more. This is the time to highlight the need for increasing investment on health services, to strengthen them and make them fit for future challenges.

Sero survey provide information on effect of interventions, trends in new infections
Wed, Sep 23, 2020

Dealing with COVID-19 will require continuous evidence generation. That’s why sero-surveys are important.

Now is the time for new, transformative decisions and interventions to transform health services in India
Wed, Sep 09, 2020

The lockdown was expected to slow the spread of virus and for getting health services ready to respond effectively. However, when lockdown was removed, it became clear that preparedness was not sufficient.

The futility of lockdowns
Tue, Jul 21, 2020

Imposing curfews at any sign of the surge in COVID cases does not solve any purpose. Instead public health facilities need to be strengthened and safety protocols stringently adhered to