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Monday, July 23, 2018

C. Uday Bhaskar

The writer is Director, Society for Policy Studies, New Delhi.

The Podgy Admiral
Mon, Jul 09, 2018

Admiral Nadkarni was an able, down-to-earth chief and a professional to the core

A Post-Fact Conflict
Tue, Apr 17, 2018

How truth has been obscured in the narratives on chemical weapons in Syria.

On Such a Full Sea
Sat, Nov 12, 2016

A judicious mix of essays that seek to contextualise India’s naval strategy against the backdrop of Asia’s regional security environment.

Bilateral Buoyancy
Tue, Oct 18, 2016

Goa was a predictable photo-op, the real deal was the trade and aid partnerships.

Uri attack: Pressure on Modi govt to act decisively ‘now’ is visible, but must be well thought through
Mon, Sep 19, 2016

Pak wages its proxy war with impunity. India should avoid falling into the trap of impulsive indignation

The unassuming statesman
Mon, Sep 05, 2016

S.R. Nathan was one of the architects of India’s relations with the ASEAN

Arundhati Ghose (1940 – 2016): India’s CTBT Durga
Thu, Jul 28, 2016

Arundhati Ghose will be remembered for her role in India’s nuclear diplomacy.

The FDI illusion
Wed, Jul 06, 2016

The defence sector needs much more than increased foreign direct investment

Bhagat Singh’s Nationalism
Wed, Mar 23, 2016

It was very different from the version that prevails on his 85th death anniversary.

The greyest of the Grey Eagles
Mon, Oct 19, 2015

Admiral Ram Tahiliani was a role model for the fraternity of sailors.

Rathore ‘covert’ remarks: India needs to focus more on strategic communication
Tue, Sep 08, 2015

Strat com is now a universally recognized and respected tool in the national quiver and the rapid advances in cyber and media technology has only made this skill-set that much more relevant.

The Farkhunda shame
Fri, Mar 27, 2015

Women pallbearers of her coffin have signalled a new moment in Kabul.

Missing a defence minister
Thu, Sep 04, 2014

National security management needs a comprehensive review.

Soldier,scholar,institution builder
Mon, Aug 05, 2013

Air Commodore (retired) Jasjit Singh,who passed away on Sunday,August 4,in Gurgaon will be long-remembered as a pioneer of Indian defence and security studies

Pioneer of Navy’s aviation arm
Mon, Jun 03, 2013

Admiral ‘Miki’ Roy,who passed away last week. will be long remembered for his varied and valuable contribution to the Indian Navy and the nation

Unassuming,yet a visionary
Fri, Oct 28, 2011

With Admiral Oscar Stanley Dawson’s death in Bangalore on Sunday,the flag has been lowered on the last of the World War II veterans who burnished the office of the Chief of Naval Staff.

Best-selling,even after 70
Sat, Jul 09, 2011

Remembering Narendra Singh Sarila — diplomat,industrialist,historian.

In case of attack
Sat, Apr 18, 2009

In his characteristically reticent manner,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh admitted on Friday that India had “not been very successful in warding off terrorist attacks...