Bibek Debroy

The writer is chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the PM. Views are personal.

Articles By Bibek Debroy

Kings and moustaches

Is there a correlation between popularity of Chulbul Pandey or ‘Singham’ and absence, or presence, of moustache allowances in states?

Instead of disrupting Indian Standard Time, Northeast can tweak its office hours

What is sacrosanct about the office timing of 9 am to 5.30 pm? Without disrupting the IST, surely it is possible to have working hours, and office-hours in the Northeast from 8 am to 4.30 pm?

Begging the question

Defining and counting beggars, vagrants and religious mendicants remains a conundrum

Middle class, redefined

It needs an enabling ecosystem. The present regime has attempted to provide just that.

Swachh Bharat has initiated a behavioural change that seems irreversible

Latest data shows that the Swachh Bharat Mission has initiated a behavioural change in most parts of the country. It seems irreversible.

Upside Of Scaling Down

India must offer unique services, not just depend on low-cost production

The purpose of a public library

Archaic laws, more recent state legislation do not address the most important issue: What should their role be?

Perjury upon the soul

Many give false evidence under oath, but complex laws and reluctance to initiate proceedings make prosecution a rarity.

A law of its time

When it was enacted, Section 377 was lenient compared to its predecessors

To bee or not to bee

There is little data in India on the number of bee colonies and bee-keepers, or the honey produced.

Pets and peeves

Bengaluru municipality’s new pet licensing laws are beset by the familiar failing of public policy — confusion and multiplicity of objectives

A justice more efficient

The Legal Information Management and Briefing System aims to improve Union government’s handling of cases. Its data can also be used to reduce litigation, declog the judicial system.

Eighteen to sixty-four

Eighteen to sixty-four should be the age range of the working population factored into policy, since enrolment in senior secondary school is rising.

The anatomy of equity

Debate around terms of reference of the 15th Finance Commission ignores the evolution of constitutional mechanisms for devolution of public finance.

The Great Indian Epic Trick

It is meaningless to seek clear and present evil in the Mahabharata, where every incident offers a conflict of dharma. There is no black or white

Much ado about an impractical idea

Attempts to legislate schemes akin to Universal Basic Income failed in 18th and 19th century England. In China, too, they haven’t succeeded.

Diamonds aren’t forever

The price of the precious stone has little connection to its use value or marginal utility.

I’d rather be a sparrow

But sparrow numbers are falling with changes in urban spaces.

J&K shows the way

State’s decision to evolve a uniform employment code is laudable. Done right, it could serve as an example for labour law reform across India

An accessibility agenda

The approach to making buildings friendlier for persons with disabilities has been limited and perfunctory.