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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Bhaskar Chakravorti

The writer is Dean of Global Business at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, founding executive director of Fletcher’s Institute for Business in the Global Context. He is author of The Slow Pace of Fast Change

Three un-Davos men
Thu, Feb 01, 2018

The culture of contradiction infused the speeches of Modi, Trump and Xi at the World Economic Forum.

The Aadhaar opportunity
Mon, Jan 22, 2018

If UID project focuses on building a trustworthy system, India could be a leader in digital innovation

Memo to the World Bank
Mon, Nov 27, 2017

India should be rated even higher in the ease of doing business rankings the next time

Ig-Nobel mistakes
Thu, Oct 12, 2017

The complexity of human behaviour and systemic market factors can trip the finest economists, even Nobel laureates. Like Robert Thaler on demonetisation.

Beware the Trump effect
Tue, Aug 22, 2017

India does not need a tryst with Trump. Why the two 70 year-olds should not meet

If Trump, Modi talk climate
Thu, Jun 22, 2017

There will be awkward moments but India’s PM could return as a legitimate climate superhero

The art of curry diplomacy
Mon, May 15, 2017

But extravagant job-creation programmes in the US may not be the best use of Infosys’ scarce resources

The less cash budget
Fri, Feb 03, 2017

Proposals add up to a series of mutually reinforcing moves to build a digital payments ecosystem.

A new abnormal
Sat, Jan 21, 2017

Now let’s try demonetisation without denouement, perpetually preserve the uncertainty

Demonetiser’s dilemma
Mon, Dec 05, 2016

Switch to digital in a digitally under-evolved country such as India will be a journey of small increments.

Preparing for President Hillary Clinton
Fri, Nov 04, 2016

Trump’s improbable campaign has been outrun by Hillary’s preparation and poise under pressure, but, most significantly, it has been trumped by Trump himself.

Political and policy discourse in India and the US point to different futures
Wed, Oct 12, 2016

Even as the internet creates jobs, it makes other jobs obsolete.

Brexit: The return of boundaries
Wed, Jul 27, 2016

Nativist sentiments and a growing tendency towards looking inwards imperil globalisation.

What the next Silicon Valley CEO traveling to India must read to avoid a dusty downfall
Thu, Jun 02, 2016

India is a market like no other; here lies seemingly endless opportunity

Trumping across the world
Fri, Apr 22, 2016

Donald Trump is not a uniquely American phenomenon. America is only catching up.

The next big thing
Sat, Feb 06, 2016

There is talk of the fourth industrial revolution. How about spreading the benefits of the preceding three?

Art of a climate deal
Mon, Dec 21, 2015

Paris was no Copenhagen. But let’s now hope it is no Rio, where commitments made in 1992 were abandoned in due course.

A like for Mark Zuckerberg
Wed, Nov 04, 2015

Web penetration in India is at 20 per cent. Given this reality, concerns over net neutrality seem elitist.

Fed and the unknowns
Thu, Sep 10, 2015

The best it can do for its new normal is to preserve the old abnormal: keep rates low

Reluctant inclusionist
Tue, Jun 09, 2015

PM Modi’s rhetoric on inclusion in governance, economy and society lags behind his policies.

The oil games
Fri, Apr 17, 2015

N-deal with Iran opens another front in the international arena.

The elephant and the windsock
Mon, Mar 09, 2015

Budget gave clearance for the take-off. But let’s watch out for turbulence.

Chai and cha cha cha
Tue, Jan 27, 2015

President Obama danced around the really tough issues

Why Opec deserves a holiday card from India
Fri, Dec 26, 2014

In fact, as the year winds down, much of the rest of the world owes the cartel some gratitude as well

ISRO GSLV Mk-III: All you need to know about the launch
Fri, Dec 19, 2014

ISRO’s next launch is of the fourth satellite in the Indian Regional Navigational Satellites System series in the first week of March 2015