Bhalchandra Mungekar

The writer is former member, Rajya Sabha, and the Planning Commission.

Articles By Bhalchandra Mungekar

Social injustice

Treating department, not university, as unit for SC, ST, OBC reservations will defeat the purpose of the policy

A monumental failure

Government continues to be in denial, but demonetisation has met none of its stated, and shifting, objectives.

Dalit vs Dalit

But the presidential contest invokes a hollowed-out caste identity, distanced from its ground realities.

Understanding Dalit assertion

The reluctance to accept the community’s social, economic and political empowerment must change

Mischievous wordplay

Why ‘Developmental Hindutva’ is a misnomer.

Halting the welfare state

Universal Basic Income (UBI) could replace Central schemes which have many socio-economic benefits.

March of the Maratha

A crime touches off building anxieties. Worryingly, agitation for quota has anti-Dalit colour.

No country for equality

While crimes against Dalits are increasing, the state has time and again let them down, with little action against the perpetrators.

Figuring out Gujarat

The Gujarat model of development is not what its champions say it is