Badri Raina

The writer taught at the Delhi University

Articles By Badri Raina

Innoculating identities

This historical putsch concomitantly finds inclusion in school textbooks wherein different inhabitants of a common geographical/demographical space are inscribed in specific and essentialised forms of representation

Hadiya mustn’t be in the dock

We need to fortify constitutional freedoms against sectarian challenges

Only sound and fury

Those who object to court ban on bursting crackers make a poor case

On the pursuit of greatness

The old adage reads : “some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Do we need a parliament?

PM Modi’s style of engagment undermines the relevance of legislative oversight.

Who owns the nation?

The questioning of institutions must be kept alive in a democratic order.

CP(I)M’s Central Committee restores perspective on fighting Fascist forces

The latest clarifications from the Party’s Central Committee restore important perspectives and hopefully provide the clarities needed to mount a united resistance to proto-fascist forces and tendencies.

Standstill In The Valley

Both separatists and the Centre have a lot to answer for.

India must acknowledge it has committed perfidies of mistrust and betrayal with Kashmiris

What the Indian State has failed to demonstrate thus far is that the people of Kashmir are as integral to its affections and concerns as the land in which they live.

Pursuit of irrelevance

The insistence on ideological purity could prove fatal for India’s Left