Badri Narayan

The writer is professor, Govind Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad

Articles By Badri Narayan

Among the urban poor, two strands of Hindutva mobilisation are emerging

The RSS and its various affiliates enter slums through running schools, organising medical camps, etc. RSS shakhas are also expanding their footprint among the urban poor by giving them a “Hindu” identity.

Towards social politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is nudging electoral politics in a new direction.

Gathbandhan vs Gathbandhan: Social coalition crafted by BJP trumped BSP-SP-RLD caste alliance

The impressive success of the BJP and the failure of gathbandhan in UP may have far reaching consequences for Indian politics. Political parties may have to redefine the politics of social justice in north India.

Caste narratives have emerged as an important trope in the 2019 election

Dalit-Bahujan alliance is a riposte to the BJP’s national security centred discourse.

Mayawati’s decision to not contest the Lok Sabha election is rife with political implications

Mayawati's sacrifice has elevated her stature above other leaders of the gathbandhan. Her decision is a signal of sorts to the partners that should the situation arise, they should support her candidature for the PM’s post.

A stirring in the East

By placing Priyanka Gandhi in UP, Congress is trying to reclaim an old bastion

The Spurned Party

Congress could prove to be a spanner in the works of the SP-BSP alliance

Of Melas And Politics

These efforts may lead to the formation of “samagra Hindutva” — the BJP’s recently-framed strategy for the 2019 election

The Battle For The Bahujan

Even as Mayawati tries to sideline him, Chandrashekhar’s Bhim Army is expanding

Why BJP Sings Kabir

It’s part of the party’s strategy to attract Dalits and marginalised communities.

A larger Dalit public sphere

Song, drama and literature play a role. Ambedkar, the symbolism around him, is at its centre.

An unlikely rainbow

SP-BSP win in UP by-polls featured Dalits, OBCs, Muslims, disillusioned BJP voters

Pride and prejudice

Memories can rouse a social group. And they can be a source of hurt to others.

Old BSP must make way for the new

Mayawati will need to reorganise her party and frame a new vocabulary to combat BJP-RSS overtures to Dalits.

A different BSP

Newly visible on social media, the party is more conscious of politics of perception.

Building the ‘bahujan’

Mayawati fears that if the BSP is portrayed as an exclusively Dalit party, she might lose the votes of other castes

Scattered and invisible

Non-Jatav Dalits in UP do not find political representation because of their limited role in swaying state and national elections.

Crafting the bahujan rainbow

Mayawati aims to win over Muslims, other social groups to expand BSP base.

Before Una

Gujarat Dalits’ move to quit ‘menial jobs’ in protest has a precedent in UP

Uttar Pradesh elections: BJP is banking on a social engineering strategy laced with Hindutva

Enthused by its success in Assam, the BJP is now focused on winning Uttar Pradesh