Atishi Marlena

The writer works as advisor to the education minister of Delhi and is a senior leader of AAP.

Articles By Atishi Marlena

Election Commission’s action to disqualify AAP MLAs was patently malafide

The High Court’s observations on the EC have cast a shadow of doubt over the impartiality of the body. Yet another institution appears to have been compromised by the Narendra Modi government.

AAP won’t take EC disqualification lying down

When 20 MLAs of an Opposition party, that is particularly hated by the party in power, are disqualified without giving them a hearing, it is safe to say we are in the midst of an institutional meltdown.

Why is Centre insisting on hiking Delhi Metro fares?

The first fare hike has shown that daily ridership has fallen by 2 lakhs. With the second hike, it can be safely assumed that ridership will see another substantial hit. For many passengers, it will become more financially viable to take a shared Uber or Ola cab.

AAP ka school

Delhi government is trying to mend an education system broken by vested interests and years of neglect the Congress presided over.