Ashutosh Varshney

The writer is Sol Goldman Professor of International Studies and the Social Sciences at Brown University, where he also directs the India Initiative at the Watson Institute. He is a contributing editor for The Indian Express.

Articles By Ashutosh Varshney

National security will compete with unemployment, farm distress as a critical election issue

The size of the middle class, timing of the current India-Pakistan clashes, and the nature of the regime in Delhi will shape the narrative in days to come.

View from city’s margins

Among urban poor, demonetisation has taken an untold toll. Government schemes are a mixed blessing

Taming hubris

BJP has work to do to take back narrative — assembly results raise questions on governance record, temple

Midterm elections: A bruised Trump

The next two years of his presidency have now run into democratically created counter-power.

A new RSS?

It’s unlikely, given the deep tension between RSS philosophy and individual freedoms and rights.

‘A battle between Hindutva and Hinduism is coming’

In a wide-ranging conversation, Walter Andersen speaks of the changing nature of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, how it was influenced by its different sarsangchalaks and the challenges that lie ahead of the organisation

Grime Beneath the Glitter

James Crabtree argues that India’s living out the same gilded age that America did in the 1800s — where corruption swirls under a shiny surface.

Is China meritocratic?

Its examination system is famous for its rigour, but its quota system gives preference to the privileged

Why did China agree to Wuhan?

Anything which arrests India’s potential drift towards the US and its allies is good for China.

Liberals and nationalism

They disapprove of Hindu nationalism, but support the constitutionally consecrated view of the nation

Denying Nehru his due

Were ancient Indian polities democratic, democracy thus representing India’s enduring culture? And what was Jawahar Lal Nehru’s role in institutionalising democracy?

What Gujarat means

If the Congress needs to worry about its urban base, the BJP has to work on a rural message

Globalisation in retreat

It is being challenged by a nationalist politics. But a nationalist economics is unlikely to take its place

Is Narendra Modi a populist?

The old narrative about India’s Prime Minister is not dead, but a new one is emerging

More accountant, less visionary

PM’s large narratives — corruption, growth— invite questions. His neglect of communal peace is notable

The Nitish echo

Nitish Kumar's pragmatic choice reinforces a fraught idea — of Hindu consolidation and Muslim peripherality

Crime and context

Lynchings draw upon the master narrative of cow protection promoted by the current political elites

The Yogi gamble

Adityanath’s elevation as UP CM is a move of radical novelty — and political risk

A PM like Indira Gandhi

Like her, Modi has established his dominance. But can he move beyond her legacy, to rule by persuasion?

When the state looks away

Gujarat 2002, like Delhi 1984, is a case of state culpability. One was ideological, the other strategic.