Ashok K Mehta

The writer is an Indian Army Gorkha regiment officer and has known Nepal since 1959

Articles By Ashok K Mehta

A rare courage: Celebrating the three Victoria Cross winners in World War II

Gorkhas have a flair for risk taking as many are not familiar with danger. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw once famously said: “Anyone who says he does not know fear is either lying or a Gorkha”.

India can counter China’s strategic gains in Nepal by winning over confidence of its people

Xi’s dream — to be the sole leader of the Asian century — is attainable: By keeping India anchored to the region using Pakistan, even as Beijing, assisted by Kathmandu, blocks New Delhi’s traditional strategic space in Nepal. But, not all is lost for India.

The Kathmandu moment, hopefully at Astana

Only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can throw aside all the tricks and tirades of history and diplomacy and reach for peace with Pakistan