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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ashok Gulati

The writer is chair professor for agriculture at ICRIER. Views are personal

Edible Oil Mission is a good idea. But more is needed
Tue, Sep 14, 2021

Ashok Gulati, Ritika Juneja write: The incentive structure that favours rice, wheat and sugar cultivation must be ended

Biofortified food can lead India from food security to nutrition security
Tue, Aug 31, 2021

Ashok Gulati, Ritika Juneja write: Access to nutritious food is only one of the determinants of nutrition. Other factors like access to safe drinking water and sanitation, immunisation and education, especially of women, are also important

We’ve achieved a lot since 1947. But there’s much to learn from our neighbours, especially China
Wed, Aug 18, 2021

Ashok Gulati, Ritika Juneja write: The focus of India’s economic policy has to be on quality education, skill development, and agriculture reforms

What India@75 needs: Education and skills, rather than freebies
Mon, Aug 02, 2021

Ashok Gulati writes: If India has been so successful in reducing poverty and improving food availability, why does it have to give almost free food to more than 800 million people under the National Food security Act?

What the new Ministry of Cooperation needs to achieve
Mon, Jul 19, 2021

Ashok Gulati writes: It must try to ensure professionalism in cooperatives and make them competitive

Why the dairy sector needs more private players
Mon, Jul 05, 2021

Ashok Gulati, Ayushi Khurana write: Milk cooperatives did a great job during ‘Operation Flood’. But it was the entry of the private sector that unleashed creativity and competition

How green are India’s agri-exports?
Mon, Jun 21, 2021

Ashok Gulati, Ritika Juneja write: We need to look at commodities like rice and sugar from a sustainability perspective

Modi’s seven-year report card: Low marks for GDP, better work on welfare
Mon, Jun 07, 2021

How long this welfare approach is sustainable without enlarging the size of GDP pie is an open question

What we need to save lives and livelihoods as Covid reaches rural India
Mon, May 24, 2021

A calibrated response that balances economic and health concerns based on a sound vaccine strategy is needed

We can defeat the virus. All of us must put shoulders to the wheel
Mon, May 10, 2021

The national leadership needs to set up a war room comprising top medical experts and corporate leaders to ramp up supplies of oxygen and necessary drugs and mobilise logistics to deliver these to last mile.

Government must think out-of-the-box for a special package for migrants
Mon, Apr 26, 2021

Existing government programmes cannot provide gainful employment opportunities to migrants at their native places.

As Covid cases rise, can India protect its most vulnerable?
Mon, Apr 12, 2021

With Covid’s second wave assuming alarming proportions, it’s high time there is a meaningful action plan, based on robust data, to alleviate the problems of migrants.

Make every drop of water count for sustainable agriculture
Mon, Mar 29, 2021

Technological solutions to make rice and sugarcane cultivators use water more sustainably can work if there are right incentives, and agri-input pricing is on the right track.

A high growth plan for Indian agriculture
Mon, Mar 15, 2021

It requires a diversified approach that takes into account peculiarities and constraints of states, investment in infrastructure and linking farmer producer groups with markets.

For Operation Green to deliver, experience of raising milk production in Operation Flood can prove beneficial
Mon, Mar 01, 2021

A closer examination of the scheme in terms of achieving its objectives of price stabilisation, reveals that Operation Green is in slow motion, and nowhere near achieving its objectives.

Agri-market freedom, water accounting could address few problems of agriculture in India
Mon, Feb 15, 2021

Free power, highly subsidised urea and open-ended procurement have become a deadly cocktail that are eating away the natural wealth of Punjab.

In agriculture, R&D needs attention, subsidy bias must be corrected
Tue, Feb 02, 2021

Overall, the expenditure on agri-R&D needs to be doubled or even tripled in next three years, if growth in agriculture has to provide food security at a national level and subsidies on food and fertilisers need to be contained.

Crop diversification policy must address nutritional challenges, bring agriculture in sync with environmental demands
Mon, Jan 18, 2021

An optimal agri-food policy should look at issues pertinent to not only the short run but also try to address medium to long-term challenges.

To help farmers, right approach is through Farmer Producer Organisations, not APMC mandis
Mon, Jan 04, 2021

The art of policymaking is to balance the interest of producers and consumers within reasonable financial resources.

WTO rulebook must evolve to support food security, rural livelihoods in developing countries
Mon, Dec 21, 2020

For this to happen, political leadership is needed to help rebuild trust among countries on trade and food security after the disruption caused by US-China trade tensions, and the inconclusive outcome of the WTO’s 2018 ministerial conference in Buenos Aires.

Punjab needs a package to help it diversify output, overcome MSP trap
Mon, Dec 07, 2020

Can the Centre and the Punjab government join hands to find a sustainable solution to farmers’ incomes and also save depleting water, soil, and air? Only then can they make Punjab great again.

Centre must carefully consider options, close communication gap with farmers
Wed, Dec 02, 2020

This communication gap was fully exploited by some political parties and social activists, who themselves are facing an existentialist threat and believe that the Narendra Modi government can do no good for this country.

Regime of subsidies is the main reason why there is stubble in the first place
Mon, Nov 23, 2020

The irony of agricultural pollution is that taxpayers are essentially paying for it through a system of subsidies that actually motivates the very behaviours that drive the agricultural emissions that they breathe.

Restore agriculture’s broken link with nutrition. That is solution to India’s hidden hunger
Mon, Nov 09, 2020

Food staples are not dense on minerals and vitamins, but they do provide a broad range of essential minerals and vitamins — a base which needs to be strengthened by non-staple foods.

Challenges to farm bills harken to socialist era, attempt to undo agriculture’s 1991 moment
Mon, Oct 26, 2020

Patience and professionalism will bring rich rewards in due course, not noisy politics.