Arvind Virmani

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Smart policies for redistribution

India can, and must, reform its welfare system. More efficient redistribution is desirable for ethical and political reasons

What schools have to do with health

Public health and education programmes are the best way to tackle India’s hunger problem.

No proof required: Taxing your way to popularity

The finance minister can cut everyone’s tax burden, even pay the poor, and be revenue neutral by cutting sops

No proof required: Towards an Income Tax Revolution

The economy provides scope and demonetisation, the rationale for a flat income tax rate and a negative income tax for the poor and the needy.

Gross Domestic Perplexity

The variation in GDP estimates is mainly due to the varying inflation levels being used in calculations.

Race to the top

Budget 2016 promotes inter-state competition in reforming laws to generate employment.

Some home economics

India needs to pursue reforms more effectively if it wants to benefit from the decline in China’s economy.

No Proof Required: An ideal MPC for India

The most desirable monetary policy committee will be one that gives primacy, but not total control, to the RBI.

Trojan loans

The Troika’s overemphasis on austerity distracted attention from the reforms needed in Greece

Inside, outside

The external environment has had both a positive and negative effect on India’s economy.

No clean slate

Budget 2015-16 will be watched for how much it breaks from the past.

The wrong end of the right debate

‘Neo-liberals’ emphasise sewers, sanitation and toilets, not ‘neo-communists’.

A right to growth

Don't people in a democracy have a right to good governance?

An interest rate pivot

The challenge is to increase short-term rates,while keeping long-term rates low

Unlucky dip

The triggers for the rupee fall are external. The solutions lie within

How to anticipate China

The timing of the Chinese incursion may have been related to Xi Jinping’s need to establish his hardline credentials and Li Keqiang’s forthcoming visit

Two stories of the economy

It is not as bleak as investors think,nor as rosy as politicians project it to be

Reform,phase two

Budget 2013-14 carries forward the process started in the last quarter of 2012