Arun Shourie

The writer, a former Rajya Sabha MP from the BJP, was Union minister for communications, information technology and disinvestment.

Articles By Arun Shourie

Is this the way to energise civil servants?

CBI move to investigate the disinvestment of Udaipur’s Laxmi Vilas hotel on the basis of an anonymous oral complaint.

How history was made up at Nalanda

The story behind a Marxist historian’s story of its destruction by ‘Hindu fanatics’.

Instigating reforms

Let’s not wait for the next government. We can work out the solutions.

Chasing that bank of votes again

By that time those who have to be fooled,would have been fooled; what’s to be won,would have been won.

Chasing that bank of votes again

The Cong is wooing the Muslims again,promising to set aside a quota of up to 9 per cent.

Chasing that bank of votes again

The following text is extracted from the expanded edition of Arun Shourie’s 'Falling over backwards'.

The Weight of Love

Arun Shourie writes about bringing up his son Aditya,afflicted with cerebral palsy for many years now,in his new book,Does He know a mother’s heart? (HarperCollins). Adit’s pain and that of the author’s wife Anita,who suffers from Parkinson’s disease,leads him to ask: how can there be extreme suffering if God exists? Suffering,he says,refutes religion. Exclusive excerpts:

My publicity agent

That’s what Kapil Sibal appears to be,rather than my inquisitor. The rigorous VSNL agreement speaks for itself.

The Great Telecom Fudge

Falsehoods fly and bury the key questions: who made the money? What were those in charge doing when the loot was on?

A goal they cannot disrupt

Autonomy as the writers portray....

We must have no price…

...and everyone must know that we have no price....

Turning a deaf ear

As usual,Gandhiji’s rules,sprinkled throughout his writings,speeches,letters,are an excellent guide,even though for us pygmies...

A few lessons

“Arun Shourie has attacked the Chief Minister,A.R. Antulay because the latter has opposed America’s decision to give arms...

Master strategies

Here we are breaking each other’s heads over Partition when the man who presided over it has already assumed responsibility for so much that happened.

The ban and the law

The book denigrates the Sardar,” said a spokesman of the Gujarat government on the first day,giving the reason for banning Jaswant Singh’s book...

A few extracts from the book

Now,it so happens that I profoundly disagree with Mr. Jaswant Singh’s assessment of Jinnah. Ever since I read the multi-volume Jinnah Papers...

“Either diplomacy or war”

“Trust but verify,” the Prime Minister says,invoking Ronald Reagan. Of course,Reagan did not just stop at enunciating a maxim....

Ring out the old,ring in the new

As the circle narrows,animosities within it become sharper. Rivalries become more intense: for now,all that each has to do is to do two or three in,and he has the top job.

How the party withers away

Surrounded by scheming courtiers,leaders lose touch with reality and the movement’s founding beliefs

The end of ideology

How,by slow degrees,parties and leaders fall prey to vested interests....