Anup Surendranath

Surendranath teaches constitutional law at the National Law University, Delhi

Articles By Anup Surendranath

India’s broken criminal justice system cannot support the death penalty

Three courts found six innocent men guilty of a heinous crime, brought them to the brink of execution. In this story, even our highest court upheld their guilt and death sentence and such a grave error must trigger the moral honesty to accept that we are playing with fire by keeping the death penalty in such a system.

Ball’s in Supreme Court

The manner and context in which the Supreme Court collegium’s recommendation on the appointment of judges has been treated by the executive poses a threat to the independence of the judiciary.

A constitutional misadventure

The proposed ban on the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter at agricultural markets violates fundamental rights of food and livelihood, and the spirit of federalism.

Except terror

Law Commission provides a frail reason for carving out the terror exception vis-a-vis the death penalty.

Set no bar

Denial of opportunities arising out of state failure, as in Rajasthan’s local election eligibility ordinance, must be subject to the strictest constitutional standards