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The killing al-Baghdadi does not reduce the threat from the Islamic State

Soon enough, the ISIS core will anoint a new Caliph, to whom all the wilayas (branches) and extremists and supporters will readily offer allegiance (bayat) to, while paying rich tribute to the “fallen hero”.

Al Qaeda’s recent activities point to dangers closer home. India must exercise caution

All recent activities of the AQ and AQIS, especially those focussed on Kashmir, suggest that the group is making all-out efforts to recruit cadres from not just within Kashmir but, using the issue of Kashmir, from across South Asia.

Terror through local proxies, as in Sri Lanka, is part of ISIS’ evolving modus operandi

Like the al Qaeda, ISIS may now also make concerted efforts to use “front groups” to capture pockets of influence in conflict zones, while carrying out its signature global attacks, seemingly, at will.