Anil Dharker

Anil Dharkar is a writer and columnist.

Articles By Anil Dharker

Captain Uncool

Someone should calm Virat Kohli down and make him study the situation instead of screaming at it

Shooting in the dark

The Bullet Train project is economically unviable, will not lead to a transfer of technology and serve only a minuscule proportion of rail passengers.

What drowned Mumbai

Unreliability of IMD, lack of planning, absence of ecological sensitivity. A sensationalist TV didn’t help

Learning to play the games

India’s quest for Olympic medals is hampered by history and geography. We need to concentrate on events where our strength lies.

Too Much Democracy

Brexit vote shows democracy can defeat itself

A true ratna

India’s highest civilian award should be given to someone who is admired by everyone — like Zubin Mehta.