Amit Mohan Prasad

The writer is principal secretary, agriculture, government of UP. Views are personal

Articles By Amit Mohan Prasad

Sustainable agriculture: Going beyond Soil Health Cards

A measurable and time-bound programme for increasing organic matter content in our soils is needed to preserve and boost crop productivity.

Digital, no longer to divide

A unique experiment in UP to deliver farm extension through mobile live streaming.

For the farmer, things to do

Affordable inputs, access to credit and formal land-leasing are some of the urgent requirements for the small and marginal farmer.

Lab to land: Addressing Indian agriculture’s weakest link — Extension

The work of state agriculture department staff is today largely reduced to input distribution and dishing out small subsidy sums under a plethora of fragmented schemes to farmers, as opposed to extension.

The price is wrong

Getting the right remuneration is the most critical issue facing farmers. Government must provide policy, institutional framework for procurement.

A smart card for the farmer

Better designed Kisan Credit Card can help improve access to institutional credit and ensure crop insurance.

Drought proofing: Farm ponds turn out to be game-changer in parched Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand being one of India’s main pulses growing belts, the impact of the drought there was also felt through the sharp spike in prices of legumes.

Subsidy reform: Seeding change through direct benefit transfer

Uttar Pradesh has shown how DBT model is good for both farmers and the exchequer.

The pulse of the matter

Farmers tend to lose out irrespective of whether crop prices go up or down. Government needs to rectify this.

Indigenous oilseed may change fortunes of Bundelkhand’s farmers

This is an Open Sesame moment of sorts for Bundelkhand. The returns may not be very lucrative this year, but the crop holds tremendous hope for the future.