Amartya Sen

The writer, a Nobel laureate in economics, is Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard University

Articles By Amartya Sen

Democracy demands more than the counting of votes

Winning cannot be the only concern in fighting an election. It makes a big difference how the winners are viewed in the post-election world.

Karl Marx 2.00

Karl Marx's philosophy has often been narrowly defined as ideas being determined by economic conditions. In the bicentennial of his birth, it is important to recognise his focus on the two-way nature of that relationship

Towards unfreedom

There is little cogent or visionary opposition to the decimation of India’s secular and tolerant tradition

Dissent and freedom in India: Full text of Amartya Sen’s lecture

We have a tradition of tolerance and plurality. But we — and the courts — have to work hard to preserve it

Conversations with Tavleen Singh and Pratap Mehta

The pervasive elitism of higher education institutions has to be challenged. But their further decimation must also be resisted.

India,China and a growing gap

Unlike India,China did not miss the lesson of Asian economic development,about the economic returns that come from bettering human lives

‘Progressive people in India spend too much time on perfect-world issues’

Amartya Sen speaks to Mihir S. Sharma about his new book,his disagreement with John Rawls’s ideally just society and India’s policy engineers