Amartya Lahiri

The writer is professor of economics, Royal Bank research professor and Johal Chair, University of British Columbia, Canada

Articles By Amartya Lahiri

Lost opportunity

India missed the chance to usher in second generation reforms and free up private enterprise

Bank and its critics

RBI has a more coherent case on capital base, performance and autonomy than its critics. Central banks need to be adequately capitalised in order to perform their core functions which include being the lender of last resort for the banking system.

A discredited playbook

Move to impose barriers on imports to manage the current account deficit is a throwback to the licence raj. We need to focus on the systemic issues pulling down productivity in export sectors.

Cut the confusion

RBI has been accommodative: Just compare the real interest rate with the ‘natural’ rate

High costs, meagre gains

Far from curbing black money and corruption, demonetisation has disrupted the economy.

Don’t blame MSP for inflation

Ill-thought-out assertions about the efficacy of monetary policy can unhinge private expectations of inflation.