Alok Bansal

The writer is a former naval officer and is currently director, India Foundation and adjunct professor at New Delhi Institute of Management.

Articles By Alok Bansal

Joining RCEP should be seen as an extension of New Delhi’s Look East policy

There is a tendency in Indian industry to seek protection, whenever any steps towards globalisation are taken. However, it is an acknowledged fact that globalisation did benefit the Indian economy, brought in newer technology and made Indian industry far more competitive.

Appointment of chief of defence staff will fill a void in India’s defence system

However, the mere creation of the office is not enough. This will need to be augmented by restructuring of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and creating integrated theatre commands.

Attack the system: Policy must deal not only with caste-based discrimination, but identity itself

Division of labour — or the rationale behind the Varna Vyavastha — does not exist today and the country certainly needs to get rid of its vestiges.

Pakistan’s other trouble spot

There is simmering resentment in Sindh. But lack of an effective organisation has prevented Sindhi nationalists from pressuring Islamabad

Reconfiguring the military

India needs a matrix structure where the operational and support roles are separated.