Akhilesh Mishra

The writer is CEO, Bluekraft Digital Foundation and was earlier director (content) MyGov

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With removal of special status, Kashmir has finally become one with India

One need look no further than the generational impact of Article 370. It simply did not allow the people to people bond, to build and flourish.

Simultaneous polls are needed to address distortions in the electoral system

The renewed pitch for “One Nation One Election” if understood in terms of process improvement, or reforms, makes eminent sense.

The EVM excuse: Bogey of EVM switching is an outrageous attempt to deny public opinion

In the age of social media and screenshots, the public memory has been enhanced. They remember that Rahul Gandhi and his compatriots had raised a similar din just a few months ago and then happily accepted the results when it favoured them.

Congress manifesto offers patronage to poor, BJP aims to enable self-sufficiency

On the face of it, the Congress' Nyay scheme looks like a winner and a sure shot method to eliminate poverty. But, how does the party intend to fund this scheme?

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra: Decoding the gamble

The Priyanka Gandhi Vadra card has finally been played on the Congress front. It is strategically timed, a tacit admission of defeat by Congress ahead of the upcoming elections.

A new paradigm has emerged on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism

For 30 years, Indian decision makers were paralysed when it came to responding to terror emanating from Pakistan. India is perhaps the only country in the world which did not respond militarily when its Parliament was attacked and when its financial capital was brutalised.

Talking to the people

Mann ki Baat has been a transformative experience in many ways.

Four Diwali gifts

India’s rise in ease of business rankings, and other reasons to celebrate