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Friday, May 27, 2022

Ajit Mishra

The writer is professor of economics and director, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi

Education is an essential activity. Ignoring schooling will have long-term implications
Fri, Dec 18, 2020

Various states have attempted to reopen schools, with limited successes due to the resurgence of the virus. Barring some attempts, such as conduct of entrance tests and optional attendance by some pupils, schools have remained out of reach for most.

In locking down and opening up, state needs to choose its words carefully
Tue, Jun 02, 2020

Going forward, we probably need to talk about lockdowns and unlocks not in temporal sequential terms but in terms of severity or relaxations.

Notes from a recovery: Let us fear, let us be careful, but let us not panic
Thu, Apr 09, 2020

The story of COVID-19 has been about extremities. In terms of our response to the spread of the coronavirus, people and nations have either been casual or have taken extreme measures.