Ajey Lele

Ajay Lele, a research fellow at IDSA, Delhi, is author of ‘Mission Mars: India’s Quest for the Red Planet’

Articles By Ajey Lele

ISRO’s Moon mission presents India a chance to reassess its space priorities

Going to the Moon and Mars is important for multiple reasons, including the quest for minerals and energy security. India should avoid getting swayed by rhetoric such as the “Space Race”.

Moon-bound again

Humanity has neglected the moon for the last five decades. Now, Chandrayaan 2 takes on the challenge

Space station are national projects, ISRO should involve private sector too

ISRO should invite private sector to join in building the proposed space station.

The successful ASAT test has earned India its rightful place on the high table

ASAT missile test is a demonstration of technological capability and a message of deterrence. It strengthens India’s claims to be a party to international negotiations on space.

Flying China to the moon

By landing a rover on the lunar surface,Beijing steals a march on its Asian rivals.

The late beginner advantage

The Mars mission is a technology demonstrator that will be important in planning Isro’s future missions

Growth engine

Local cryogenic technology; Indian space programme’s global options....

Tech against terror

The new national security advisor will have his plate full,whether or not some burden shifts from the NSA’s office to the home ministry.

Ready for lift-off

India should catch up in providing satellites to ASEAN countries

Turning success into failure

India’s much-publicised moon mission came to an abrupt end on August 29 when we lost radio contact with Chandrayaan-1.

The hacker state

Defiant North Korea appears to feel like demonstrating its military wherewithal. After successfully...

The other great game

There has been much debate in the past regarding India’s unwillingness to use air power when it fought its war with China in 1962.

Separate and equal

What lies behind official evasions over India’s satellite launch

Waiting,watching Kim

The North Korean missile test reveals India’s diplomatic compulsions

The Gaza lab

Israel’s Gaza strategy was old,but its weapons are new