Ajay Vir Jakhar

The writer is chairman, Bharat Krishak Samaj

Articles By Ajay Vir Jakhar

To improve farm livelihoods, a slew of measures is required in Budget 2019

The perpetual disregard for allocating funds for human resources both at the national and state level has extracted a heavy toll on the nation. Development of human resources must become the foremost priority of Budget 2019 and the defining goal of the next decade.

A new India for farmers

PM should use majority in Lok Sabha to ensure delivery of agriculture programmes.

The Danger Of Silver Bullets

Rural crisis needs nuanced interventions, not tall promises in party manifestos

Why farmers disbelieve

Losses to farmers are far more than can be addressed by Budget 2019

Constituency Of Farmers

Assembly election results show that deceiving farmers comes with a price

For The Farmer’s Future

It is important to evaluate the consequences of the Centre’s agriculture policy.

The MSP Illusion

Raising procurement prices of kharif crops will only give false hope to farmers.

Dealing with the residue

Curbing stubble burning is about inducing behavioural changes in farmers.

Marching against apathy

The country’s politics has ignored the farmers. Perhaps it is time they change the country’s politics

Union Budget 2018: A Step Forward

Únion Budget 2018: Budget addresses the crises in agriculture. The devil is in the allocations

Potato portents

The crisis in the potato crop’s prices in two of the four years of the Modi government illustrate that farmers no longer matter to it.

A law for the farmer

Pesticide Management Bill should address the anomalies that prevent state governments from booking large pesticide companies.

Farm policies for India

Union government must address structural issues in agricultural policy, allow states greater autonomy.

The classroom and the field

Agriculture education is in a poor state. ICAR must be revamped

A Dark Satire

Branding the farmer agitations ‘political’ betrays a lack of understanding

Not For The Farmer

The real beneficiary of Direct Benefit Transfer of fertiliser subsidy will be the industry.

Ghosts Of Ship-To-Mouth

Price spikes, production fluctuations challenge us, not insufficient food production

Open up the debate

On farm policy, there is an urgent need to listen to farmers, not just economists and academics.

The R&D yield

Government must step up private sector involvement in agricultural research.

Out of credit

Access to banking services remains a problem for small and marginal farmers.