Ajay Chhibber

The writer is director general, independent evaluation office, government of India. His views are personal.

Articles By Ajay Chhibber

Much ado

The budget has failed to further the reform agenda the government promised

Off the black mark

Demonetisation won’t hurt ‘kala dhan’ — it will only damage economic growth.

To 2016, uncertainly

The passing year leaves a legacy of stalled reforms, growing economic worries.

Out of business

Centre must take up strategic disinvestment with vigour.

Risk and opportunity

India can capitalise on the China-led crisis if it is able to pursue economic reform.

Two Birds, One Cut

By cutting rates, RBI would be rationalising overvalued rupee and nudging capex.

New world bank order

China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank extends its regional and global strategy.

A new menu

Shanta Kumar panel report shows the way for reforming an outdated food policy.

Bharat’s other ratnas

The government has two options: outright privatisation of loss-making PSUs, or their closure.

A leadership moment

At BRICS summit, a chance for India to start on a path that leads to the UNSC.

Inflation trinity

Monetary, fiscal and supply-side policies need to tackle price rise in tandem.

Despite the Bali victory

India got its way at the WTO. But modernising its food security system to reduce its subsidy bill is in its best interest.

The issue is not just security

As the US prepares to withdraw,Afghanistan must brace for many transitions