Abusaleh Shariff

The writer was membersecretary, Sachar committee  and is with the US-India Policy Institute, Washington DC.

Articles By Abusaleh Shariff

How not to educate India

Draft National Education Policy ignores role of states, fails to examine role of private sector, undermines importance of English.

Reservation must be based on a rigorous identification of economic backwardness

The EWS reservations could add a desirable dimension to India’s reservation scheme. But this would depend on whether the policy is implemented scrupulously in line with the fundamental constitutional precepts.

Unimportance of triple talaq

A survey shows that it is numerically insignificant. The unusual attention that is being devoted to the practice is politically motivated and a waste of resources

No country for Islamophobia

Unlike in the West, India’s syncretic culture has kept the fear of Islam at bay.

Myth of Muslim growth

Once again, the debate on census population data on religion misses the point.

Minority, like majority

Muslim deprivation is embedded in broader developmental challenges .

Casting the caste net

We must consider the implications of a caste census