Abhinav Kumar

The writer is a serving IPS officer. Views are personal.

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For uniformed forces, the last five weeks in the Valley have been a great test of commitment, capability

Centre’s goal is to engage with Kashmiris tired of violence, provide safe spaces to express their desire for peace. Post-relaxation of curbs, the government’s priorities will be development and employment generation, something jihad and azadi had little space for.

Why Article 370 had to go

The constitutional, democratic, historical and moral arguments being marshalled against the Centre’s move in Jammu and Kashmir are unfounded. I, for one, regard it as an extraordinary privilege and honour to be a part of this historical exercise.

A new deal for Kashmir

Constitutional concessions have failed to facilitate the Valley’s assimilation with India. The rules of engagement need to change

Soldiering on, after Pulwama

We are acutely aware of what is at stake in Kashmir. And that there is no easy way out

Central Armed Police Forces should continue to be headed by IPS officials

The Central Armed Police Forces are primarily a reserve resource for supporting state police. The leadership provided by the IPS to five of the BSF, ITBP, SSB, CISF and CRPF, is now being questioned.

Propaganda in an exit

In his resignation post, Shah Faesal invokes a narrative of Kashmiri victimhood that is at odds with the reality on the ground and filled with political posturing

A colder winter in Kashmir

The post-Pulwama narrative has been hijacked by separatists. Let it not distract from what is at stake in J&K.

Death of an SHO

UP has a dysfunctional criminal justice system. The mob lynching of a police officer underlines it

Battle at Bomdila

Winning this one is no feather in the cap for the Indian Army.

Crime and complicity

Gomti Nagar murder may not be related to UP police’s ‘encounter culture’. But it calls for introspection.

Smoke and errors

Punjab government’s approach to drug menace is counter-productive. Compulsions of electoral politics and demagoguery continue to trump common sense, decency and evidence about what doesn’t work.

Kathua’s inconvenient truths

Outrage over heinous crime cannot be a replacement for strengthening rule of law. Civil society must start — and sustain — a debate on the need for improving the quality of policing.

Rhetoric to reasoned debate

The SC order on Atrocities Act calls for a dispassionate discussion. At stake is not just the question of justice for victims of caste atrocities, but also the issue of due process and the rule of law.

With fear and favour

The Gudiya and Pradyuman murder cases should be a wake-up call for the entire IPS leadership of the country. We need to ask ourselves: Who do we serve and who do we protect?

Piercing the Panchkula haze

The states of India have simply not invested enough in the police. As a result, for anything more than a routine, local law and order problem, the states end up seeking assistance from the Centre. This is usually provided in the form of CAPFs, and in extreme cases, by the Indian Army.

The ineffective state

After the Delhi 2012 gangrape, outrage and breast-beating became the substitute for thoughtful analysis and policy-making. Let it not happen again, after the lynchings

Shooting the cop

Police should not be scapegoated for arrests in high-profile corruption cases

The constable’s lament

Outrage and disquiet following the video about food served to BSF jawans is understandable. But hype and hysteria cannot help resolve the issues it has flagged.

Before amending the law

The recent debate about the Prevention of Corruption (PC) Act demands that changes must be seen in this context.

At Stake In Kashmir

Kashmir poses not just moral but also existential questions involving statecraft.