Articles By ZAC O’YEAH

Looking for the old world charm of Casablanca

All you need is a frosty lager, a love of things rough and weary and you are set for the 1920s.

It’s Majestic, with Some Masala: The private eye is the key to unlock a city and chronicle it

Majestic has been explored cinematically in several Kannada films, including an action movie called Majestic. But every time I go to Majestic, I’m reminded of the time, 25 years ago, when I first set foot in the area, long before I planned on becoming a detective novelist.

The End of the World

The apocalypse, when it comes, will be livestreamed. Like a Hindi film release or Chetan Bhagat’s next book tour, it will have its own devoted publicist. Make sure to sign up for an unlimited data plan.

Stay Hungry, Stay Footloose

Proust had his madeleine. For crime writer and seasoned traveller ZAC O’YEAH, memories of journeys past are triggered by recollections of flavours, from Egyptian pulao to lamb chops in Athens.

Book Review – McCluskieganj: The Story of the Only Anglo-Indian Village in India

Rather than an overarching novelistic narrative, the book has an episodic structure like a collection of short stories.

Book Review: Murder with Bengali Characteristics

A speculative murder mystery, more a satire about a brave new futuristic world than a crime fiction.