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How productive was the 16th Lok Sabha? Not so much

The 16th Lok Sabha spent 40 per cent less time than the average number of hours (2,689) spent by its predecessors. Disruptions and adjournments also took up most of its time with issues ranging from agrarian crisis, inflation and the Rafale deal, taking centre stage on different occasions.

Major fire breaks out at Noida’s Metro Hospital

Sixty-six patients were in the hospital when the fire broke out at 12.10pm. The second, third and fourth floors of the building were the worst affected by the fire.

What is Universal Basic Income?

The Universal Basic Income, implementation of which has repeatedly been debated in India, seeks to alleviate poverty by providing a basic income to all citizens of a particular state or geographical area, irrespective of their income, social standing, or employment status.

Journalist who proposed TM Krishna’s Delhi concert appointed AAP’s Kerala secretary

The Aam Aadmi Party opened its account in electoral politics in the state in the 2015 bye-elections.