Waheed ur Rehman Para

The writer is youth president of the PDP.

Articles By Waheed ur Rehman Para

Democracy vs militarisation

Restrictions on using national highway further alienate Kashmiris, feed into a narrative of exclusion.

Justice for Kathua rape-murder victim should not be seen in the prism of religion

The truth is that the rest of India did not bother to react to the rape and gruesome murder of a small child in Jammu & Kashmir. It is almost too terrible to even consider the why of the germ of such a thought.

The attack that restored Kashmiriyat

While these terrorists may feel buoyed by every such heinous crime that they commit, in effect they are losing any foothold they may have had in the Valley. The majority of people in Kashmir have unsubscribed to this ideology of separatism and above all want the madness to stop

Young and alienated

Kashmiri youth are dejected. Delhi must abandon the security-centric approach, acknowledge that economic measures can’t stand in for political outreach