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No, the ‘overpaid’ IT worker might not be the cause of Bangalore’s low voter turnout

In the 2018 Assembly elections, Congress led the polls in the city with 14 seats and the BJP scored 11. So the voter is also aware and has been changing his preferences quite often.

How and why cash polls the votes in Tamil Nadu elections

In Tamil Nadu, there is no palpable public anger at the amounts being seized. It has come to such a pass that voters are getting angry if money is not distributed.

Why Tamil Nadu no longer seems a walkover for DMK-Congress combine

Tamil Nadu elections have become cash-centric over the years, and whichever party has a well-oiled capability to deliver the resources on the ground, has an edge.

In Andhra Pradesh, was it a grievance vote or gratitude vote? Wait for May 23

The grievance vote is the anti-incumbency vote where the voter wants to throw out the incumbent government and the gratitude vote where the voter wants to show his gratitude for some benefit that he has received. Which vote was it in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh elections: Campaigning gets personal and vicious

Facing the combined might of YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy, K Chandrasekhar Rao and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said at a rally he could be arrested anytime.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: In Naidu versus Jagan, it is organisation vs chemistry

Naidu is relentless in his ability to build alliances while Jagan prefers to go it alone.

Telangana polls: Opposition fighting for breathing space

The 2018 assembly election has changed the electoral landscape of Telangana. There was a KCR wave and there are no signs that it is receding. The challenge for the opposition is to regain some face, and show that it still can put up a spirited fight.

Elections 2019: How will Bengaluru vote?

In 2014, all the three city constituencies; Bangalore South, Bangalore Central and Bangalore North went the BJP way with margins of more than one lakh votes.

In Andhra politics, pastor K A Paul has generated enough confusion to gain some ground

K A Paul is now in the news for reviving the Praja Shanthi Party (PSP) and threatening to contest from all 175 Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh. Started in 2008, the party had not seen much action till now.

2019 Lok Sabha elections: Tamil Nadu, without the ‘Balakot bump’

2019 Lok Sabha elections: Tamil Nadu is all set for the polls with both the major parties in the state, the DMK and AIADMK, stitching a grand coalition of allies and friends.

Andhra Pradesh: Key constituencies and players to watch out for Lok Sabha polls

As the major political parties like the TDP and the YSRCP having announced their candidates for the Lok Sabha polls, we look at some of the key parliamentary constituencies in the state.

Tamil Nadu elections: Small parties have big problems

Most of these smaller parties gain their sustenance from particular castes and some have become so localised and personalised that it is led by one person, and what it means is that if the leader gets the ticket, the party jumps into the alliance.

Jagan’s YSRCP has become open house for last-minute defectors and turncoats

YSRCP leaders say the inflow into their party was because of its winning chances, while the TDP says that YSRCP lacks good candidates and hence this last minute poaching.

In Mandya, Sumalatha wants to cash in husband Ambareesh’s legacy

Sumalatha wants to contest from Karnataka's Mandya parliamentary constituency come what may.

AIADMK: In search of a parental figure

Jayalalitha ran the party like an autocrat and anyone however big could be thrown out of the party without any notice, what so ever. It is difficult for outsiders to understand the fear and absolute obedience that she commanded.

TTV Dhinakaran: Is he a one election wonder?

TTV Dhinakaran is now friendless and without allies. The 2019 polls a real test to his electioneering and his famed voter management skills.

Kamal Haasan: Complex actor, even more complex politician

Kamal Haasan in the film world was known for his search for meaningful cinema. And in politics too he might be an innovator, only that 2019 is too early. He is a dogged fighter and one who will not let go easily.

Can Pawan Kalyan be the game changer in Andhra Pradesh politics?

Pawan Kalyan's party Jana Sena's debut is being watched with a rare mix of curiosity and alacrity. It can upset many an applecart. Pawan's political base is the numerous Kapu community - a significant force in Andhra Pradesh.

Vijayakanth’s party turns right, but the leader is still silent

'Captain' Vijayakanth's ill-health, poor party organisation and lack of a coherent narrative continue to haunt DMDK, but it remains to be seen if his fans and voters still recall him and connect with the shadow of the star.