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An information-obsessed media student who spends an unhealthy amount of time on the Internet. She likes to research and write, mostly about art and culture.

Articles By Trusha Navalkar

Break your Ramadan fast with a healthy Eid

Hastily going back to pre-Ramadan eating habits may send the body into a shock. Here are some tips to have a healthy Eid.

Not just a case of extreme vanity: What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and why you need to know

Body Dysmorphic Disorder sounds like describing a person who is vane, but the problem lies much deeper - and it's one that needs to be addressed.

Watch: This video brings out the stark reality of rags vs riches discrimination

People's reaction to different avatars of the same child-actor — one privileged and the other underprivileged — will leave your surprised.

Sona Mohapatra gracefully hits back at being cyber bullied for criticising Salman Khan; post goes viral

Singer Sona Mohapatra received vulgar threats on Twitter for speaking up against Salman Khan for his infamous rape comment.

Two policemen violently fight over bribe, video goes viral

It took more than one policeman to separate the two.

Watch: 76-yr-old woman performs martial arts with man half her age

Meenakshiamma has been involved with the ancient Indian martial art form Kalaripayattu for 66 years.

Legendary Times fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, dies at 87

Bill Cunningham photographed New York street fashion for four decades on his bicycle.

Six reasons why we love Game Of Thrones

As Season 6 comes to a close, we give you six reasons why we love Game Of Thrones and we’re sure you will be able to relate!

World UFO Day: 10 baffling UFO sightings around the world

World UFO day is observed on June 24 to mark the day of the first UFO sighting by aviator Kenneth Arnold.

Remembering Pakistani Qawwal Amjad Sabri through his music

Let us remember the fine singer through his work and what he enjoyed most — his music.

International Day of Yoga aside, June 21 is also World Music Day, Handshake Day and the night of Strawberry Moon

Here are five more world observances to take note of, apart from International Day of Yoga.

International Day of Yoga: 21 ways yoga is beneficial for you

If you are still wondering what the yoga hype is all about, here are 21 benefits of regular yoga practice you could use.

When Queen Elizabeth II ‘scolded’ Prince William in full public view

The clip — which went massively viral — shows that the British Royal family is like any other human family after all.

Watch: This ‘non-swimming dog’ refusing to paddle makes for hilarious viewing

Beya — a five-year-old retriever — has become an Internet sensation as the 'non-swimming dog'.

Stray dog struts in style with ‘cart’ for legs

Tommy, can now be found happily roaming and frolicking around on a cool set of wheels.

The Internet has just discovered Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s doppelganger!

Josiah Martin has flowing curls and facial hair just like actor Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the popular TV drama Game of Thrones.

10 photo-tweets on Father’s Day that’ll make you go awww

Through #HappyFathersDay, Twitterverse is overflowing with love for all fathers.

Father’s Day special: TheIndianFather is the best (and most sarcastic) of every Indian father on Twitter

From school grades to career choices to typical dad dialogues, TheIndianFather tweets like a typical Indian father talks.

Give us a word, we’ll give you a song: Tuning in with Voctronica, India’s first a cappella-beatboxing band

Voctronica has been asking people to tweet them one word that matters to them, each of which will be a part of their new project.

Birthday special: Kirron Kher’s six stellar parliamentary speeches you need to hear

Kirron Kher delivers her Lok Sabha speeches with as much flair and conviction as she does her film roles. Here are six speeches by the parliamentarian that you should definitely hear.