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Tarishi is Sub-editor at the Express. She tweets @mumblingbee

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A Chuski to Pop your feminist cherry: A desi podcast by two sassy brown girls

Each episode of Chuski Pop, released every fortnight, begins with a searing dialogue from the '80s that sets the tone of the podcast. The two then pick up a current event or an experience they have had in the recent times to begin a nonchalant conversation — that they make you a part of.

Why are beauticians in Delhi choosing not to service clients in posh salons?

#GenderAnd development: Corporatisation of beauty industry is blocking interactions across different socio-economic classes.

Meet Kalpana Saroj, Dalit entrepreneur who broke corporate hegemony

#GenderAnd Business: Kalpana intends to go back to her village in Akola and invest in farming and create job avenues for girls in the village. She finds her inspiration in Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the principal architect of Indian constitution and a Dalit social reformer.

Three lead artistes tear apart the ‘bro-code’ in Indian comic scene

GenderAnd - Culture: Kaneez Surka, Neeti Palta and Radhika Vaz talk about how India reacts differently to comedy by men and women artists.

Iran presidential elections: No women candidates, yet again

Iran presidential elections: Out of the 137 women who registered to run, a total of zero were selected to be candidates.

In defence of 13 Reasons Why

Apart from its obvious feminist messages in the portrayal of assault, the show subtly grazes the issue of the “drama queen” as well.

What is the Venezuela economic, political crisis and protests all about?

38 protesters and one policeman killed. What is the Venezuelan crisis?

What is the North Korea-US nuclear threat all about?

North Korea tested a ballistic missile on Friday, in spite of US warning. What happens next?

MCD Elections: What does Delhi have for women?

From health to education to safety, how does Delhi fare on amenities for women?

News anchor Supreet Kaur doesn’t need to be pushed on a pedestal

Kaur was professional in her conduct, like any other person in her situation would have been.

Patari Tabeer: A boon for voices lost without support

Patari Tabeer brings unsung and unheard voices from the margins to international fame.

Regal Cinema: No longer a theatre near you

It’s end of days for me but don’t pull the curtains yet on my memories

Anaarkali of Aarah: In Swara Bhaskar film, the subaltern speaks

Anaarkali of Aarah is also the answer to the questions that many were afraid to ask: what about the consent of the woman who doesn’t prefer to hide her sexual desire?

Lucknow’s Tunday Kababi under duress due to crunch in buffalo meat

The lack of buffalo meat has affected customers as well.

Assembly Election Results 2017: How did women candidates of all states fare

A comparison with 2012 indicates that the percentage of winning female candidates increased this year by 2%.

Iron too weak for fire: Do we only like women on a pedestal?

Manipur Elections Result 2017: The Iron Lady could only secure 90 votes.

Patriarchal narratives key to survival for Indian women politicians?

Tarishi Verma writes about the sarees, monochromes, the bahu and behens in Assembly elections 2017.

What are the surrogacy laws in India: Here is everything you need to know

India has been a favourite country for those wanting a surrogate child but legal recourse has hardly been provided.

A thank you note to AIB, in light of Pahlaj Nihalani’s verdict

The girl’s best friends aren’t a part of a safe sex PSA or a feminist message on labelling women sluts.

Lipstick Under My Burkha: Pahlaj Nihalani is just maintaining the status quo of Hindi film industry

Lipstick Under My Burkha, like Angry Indian Goddesses (2015) and parts of Haraamkhor (2016), explores female desire, a wonder unheard of entirely in the Hindi film industry.