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‘Migrant domestic workers are like air’: Xyza Cruz Bacani

Magnum Fellow and domestic worker-turned-street photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani on documenting migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong

Karan Singh: ‘Forcing one to chant Jai Shri Ram an insult to Hinduism’

Referring to the Tabrez Ansari incident, he asked, “Is this Hinduism?... I’m a Raghuvanshi, Shri Ram was a compassionate God. Real Hinduism embraces, builds bridges, does not create wars.”

Bhutanese folk artiste Kheng Sonam Dorji on preserving his musical past

Bhutanese folk artiste Kheng Sonam Dorji, who was into contemporary music in his younger days, says the influx of Western music has led to the decline of traditional music.

Notes from Bhutan

The three-day festival, organised by Jaipur-based Siyahi in association with India-Bhutan Foundation, started with Queen Mother Her Majesty Arshi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, 64, sharing an endearing story about her father

‘Tamil film industry should watch Baaram first before deciding its worthiness’

Priya Krishnaswamy’s stark film on the murder of the elderly by their own has won a National Award. The filmmaker on old age, controversies and the road ahead

Bhutan’s literary festival, Mountain Echoes, turns 10

Eighty writers, cultural and spiritual icons will deliberate on “Many Lives: Many Stories” — with tales of a traveller, a spiritual leader, a celebrated river, a civilisation, a venerated mountain, the life of a jungle, of a migratory bird and tracking the Bhutanese national animal Taikin, among others.

The eye in the sky: Hindi films’ paeans to love, desire and beauty with that familiar motif

The moon sets the mood, whether it’s in the playful 'Khoya khoya chand' (Kala Bazar, 1960), with Dev Anand gallivanting about, or the staid 'Yeh raat, yeh chandni phir kahan' (Jaal, 1952).

Odisha’s ancient art of Pattachitra struggles to find its feet after Cyclone Fani

In the wake of Cyclone Fani, the art community comes to the rescue of Raghurajpur’s pattachitra artists.

Depth of field

Cinematographer Modhura Palit, who won an award at the Cannes Film Festival last month, on breaking into a male bastion.

The Bus Stops Here

Aabhaasam, Jubith Namradath’s Malayalam debut feature on democracy and gender norms, steered a discussion on the #MeToo movement post the film’s screening at the 14th Habitat Film Festival.

‘Violence is created in the head’

Short-film director Sandeep A Varma brings his English short about Islamophobia to the 14th Habitat Film Festival in Delhi.

Our movies speak of our attitude: Kumbalangi Nights director Madhu C Narayanan

Madhu C Narayanan on his debut Malayalam feature Kumbalangi Nights, mentor Aashiq Abu and the #MeToo movement.

Musician-filmmaker Wanphrang K Diengdoh’s debut feature, Lorni – The Flaneur, stars actor Adil Hussain

Actor Adil Hussain's first Khasi film, and musician-filmmaker Wanphrang K Diengdoh's debut feature, Lorni — The Flaneur, will be screened at the 14th Habitat Film Festival in Delhi.

The story of India is the story of evolution: Sohail Hashmi

History buff Sohail Hashmi seeks to revisit Hindostan through a YouTube series.

All the World’s a Stage: An exhibition gauges sociopolitical realities through diverse narratives and mental maps

A red, threadlike line, standing for the marginalised subaltern, cuts through the landscape of hierarchical practices in Om Soorya’s triptych Thin Red Line. Hazara artist Khadim Ali and Pakistan’s Waseem Ahmed employ traditional miniature styles to speak of war and conflict.

Literature, Left & Lost Compassion

The main characters of his novel, Lord Spider and JL Pillai, are an attempt at changing “the ideas about patriotism, love, compassion — all the things we take for granted,” Zacharia says.

Ramachandra Guha: Mahatma Gandhi mediocre student, but greatest since Buddha to get his works together

Guha also recounted that while Muhammad Ali Jinnah sounded like a “phonograph record, possessed by a complete certitude, Gandhi believed in dialogue and was open to change”.

Still Got the Blues

SAD isn’t just an emotion, for some Mumbaikars it is a way of life — a new short film explores.

Manmohan skips book launch: Not true that files went to Sonia

Union minister and BJP leader Arun Jaitley, who was scheduled to release the book officially, addressed the event in a live video-conferencing from New York, where he is recuperating, and called Nayar the most iconic political journalist India has seen in the last 60-70 years

For Brothers Raghavan, crime is content, retro is five years old

With their twist-in-the tale and dark humour, Sriram and Shridhar Raghavan have helmed many of Indian cinema’s most gripping narratives.