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Blackface: Understanding the continuing popularity of an offensive American stereotype

On February 6, Gucci pulled from stores a turtleneck jumper after it was pointed out on social media that the “balaclava” knit resembled blackface.

‘Now, gods being divided… After polls, it will be all calm,’ says a priest

Jitender Pandey, 40, priest at Hanuman Mandir, Connaught Place, New Delhi speaks about Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath's mention of Lord Hanuman, in which he stated the deity to be a Dalit.

Splitting hairs

A lot goes into a wig — from separating strands to dealing with nits and, as a Delhi maker robbed of over 200 kg of hair found out, guarding against thefts.

‘We know what Rahul said… But then people say a lot of things’

Speaking at an OBC conclave of the Congress in Delhi on June 11, party president Rahul Gandhi said Coca-Cola was founded by a person who once sold shikanji (lemonade). Kanojia has been selling shikanji for over 25 years

Check crime, don’t tell women what to do every time you’re idle: Delhi beautician 

Politicians should focus on their work. Nobody should tell women what they should and should not do, says Delhi beautician.

Paper Clip: When identifying faces, artificial intelligence leans towards white and male

The programs are general-purpose facial analysis systems, which can be used for a range of face-perception tasks such as matching faces in different photos, assessing characteristics like gender, age and mood, and face classification.

In shadow of sealing drive, Champa Gali wonders about its fate

In Champa Gali, this includes People Tree, the studio and retail shop for paintings, handcrafted home decor and stationery made by independent artists and NGOs; and Jugaad, which sells stationery, photo frames and bags made by disadvantaged women in Faridabad.

Looking Back at Life: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond on writing a memoir for children, and the changing landscape of Dehradun.

A Bowl of Mystery

As Juni switches from shawarma, to balti pie to pizzas and doughnuts while also experimenting with poulet roast, the plot seems driven more by his love for food than the investigation.

The Remains of the Day

An online initiative, Museum of Material Memory, is attempting to tell history through common, everyday objects