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Soon, MJPJAY to include treatment for mental illnesses for 2.5 crore families in Maharashtra

At least 137 procedures that were low in demand for the last seven years have been removed in the new tenders, while 262 new procedures have been added to it.

Explained: What is Bombay blood group, rare and sought after?

The four most common blood groups are A, B, AB and O. The rare, Bombay blood group was first discovered in Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1952 by Dr Y M Bhende.

MSHRC says 2018 minor’s death inconclusive, closes case

While ruling out murder, the report submitted by IJM stated that the minor “had no intent to commit the act (suicide)” and stated his death remains inconclusive.

Mumbai: Human rights commission issues notice to BMC, environment dept

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)’s Tree Authority approved the felling of trees in Aarey forest for the Mumbai Metro Corporation Limited’s (MMRCL) proposal to construct a Metro carshed.

Mumbai: For this year’s Ganeshotsav, mandal throws spotlight on challenges faced by transgender community

Every day, the mandal attracts more than 2,500 people. Those wanting to see the Ganesha idol have to wait till the end of the play for the curtains to unfurl.

Mumbai: Amid Wednesday’s rain fury, eight lives lost

In Mumbai, two persons suffered a heart attack. One of them, Ashok Sitaram Mayeker, a senior citizen, suffered “coronary insufficiency” in Hindmata as he was wading through water.

Dongri building collapse: 50 days later, survivor awaits hand surgery, says no home to return to

For 18 hours, Alema (28) had remained trapped under a collapsed staircase of the Kesarbai Mansion building, which collapsed on July 16.

One doctor, 483 patients — a day at Dhadgaon rural hospital

Situated in Nandurbar, the northern tribal district of Maharashtra, the government hospital has had seven of eight posts for doctors vacant for a month. The only doctor left, an MD in gynaecology, is on duty for 24 hours, seven days a week.

Maharashtra health and wellness centres: Lack of living quarters, poor facilities keep doctors away

In Nandurbar’s tribal belt, lack of accommodation, limited equipment to conduct clinical examination and poor electricity and water supply are some of the reasons that have forced doctors out.

Maharashtra: Therapeutic paste a poor starter in tribal regions, children suffer side effects

In the tribal hamlet of Nandurbar, a year-and-half-old Samudra Pawara has slipped into severe malnourishment twice, despite consuming RUTF

Pig organs in human body: an old controversy over transplantation returns

The first attempts at animal-to-human transplants were made in 1838, when the cornea of a pig was transplanted into a human. Between 1902 and 1923, organs from pigs, goats, sheep, and monkeys were used in unsuccessful transplantation attempts.

No doctors at PHC, two tribal boys die of snakebite

Rohit Padvi and Pravin Vasawe, both studying in class IV, had complained of abdomen pain during the wee hours of Monday.

In this Maharashtra district, a community-led cleanliness drive brings a river back to life

In about three months, 28,000 locals participated in the weekly clean-up drive. According to district records, 19,300 water hyacinths and 8,440 plastic articles were removed from the ‘river-turned-nullah’.

Malad wall collapse: Mahul rehabilitation splits families, survivors look for new schools, jobs

The Mahul site remains contentious with the Bombay High Court observing that the area is unfit for human habitation due to its close proximity with two oil refineries and 15 chemical factories. There is no buffer zone between the industrial and residential area.

Mumbai: PWD, WR premises home to 50 per cent breeding spots among govt offices

Of the 436 breeding spots of malaria-spreading Anopheles mosquitoes found until July-end this year, at least 150 (34 per cent) were found in PWD buildings, while 67 breeding sites were found in buildings owned by the Western Railway, including railway stations and staff quarters

Maharashtra: State women commission launches online course on sexual harassment

The Maharashtra State Commission for Women launched the certification course on August 14 and so far 300 people have registered.

Palghar: Spike in moderate malnourishment as six-meals-a-day scheme rolled back

A Palghar district official said they had used District Planning and Development Council’s fund to stretch the six meals up till March after the programme was modified. “But funds exhausted thereafter,” he said.

14-year-old tribal girl delivers baby with rare birth defect in Maharashtra

On Saturday, the three-week-old baby died of septicaemia.

Sangli and Miraj: Homeless and depressed, flood-hit undergo counselling

On Monday, when the floodwater in Sangli district started to recede, food and medical supplies were available in abundance. The only stress for thousands of families — the loss of their homes.

Deficiency leads to congenital spinal deformity: Parents, doctors’ group campaign as FSSAI cuts folic acid fortification

In 2016, the FSSAI laid down fortification standards for wheat, maida, oil, salt, milk and rice as per WHO guidelines. But in 2018, the FSSAI revised them considerably reducing folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 in wheat, maida and rice.