T.M. Krishna

Carnatic vocalist, author of ‘A Southern Music:The Karnatik Story’, public speaker and writer on human choices, dilemmas and concerns

Articles By T.M. Krishna

The citizen as artist

Independence needs no introduction, explanatory notes or constitutional description, for we have all experienced its fullness. In moments of abandon, when we express, receive and share it without any external or inner censorship whatsoever, we rejoice in its sanctity. Yes! I have said sanctity, because there is something utterly precious, untainted in its embrace. Our […]

Myth and reality

Art and culture are going through a right-wing phase, though Hindu art forms have never been targeted in India.

Chennai must look beyond the flood relief spectacle

There seems to be one unwritten agreement among business houses. They are all part of corporate associations such as CII or FICCI, which are basically ‘unions’ they use as lobbying platforms.

Moving on in Chennai

The city must look beyond the flood relief spectacle and reinvent the idea of citizenship.

The city of unheard melodies

The greatest tragedy of urbanisation is what it has done to the idea of the village.