Syed Ata Hasnain

The writer, a former corps commander of the Srinagar-based 15 Corps, is currently associated with the Delhi Policy Group and the Vivekananda International Foundation.

Articles By Syed Ata Hasnain

Pak-sponsored terrorists target migrants, minorities to show that normalcy in Kashmir is far away

With the numbers of terrorists down but some quantum of successful infiltration, as admitted by the JKP, the terrorists have had some time to reorganise, recalibrate and reselect their targets.

Modi’s speech handled political differences with finesse, showed sensitivity towards Kashmiris

The address was perfectly timed because the question that was arising was whether India would squander the difficult decision at the altar of unnecessary triumphalism without looking at the sensitivities of its implications.

ISIS claiming responsibility for terror in Sri Lanka points to the danger of its expansion in the Subcontinent

The Islamic State (IS) has lately taken responsibility. Yet, the international connection is a matter of piecing the complex jigsaw of international terror, Islamist networks, the situation post the 2009 war with LTTE and other events.

By discussing retribution for Pulwama, the element of surprise is lost

When a nation virtually announces that it is going to do something in reprisal it compromises one of the basic principles of war — surprise. It is patient and planned operations that will hobble Pakistan.

In 2019, a new outreach

J&K needs a coordinated effort from all stakeholder organisations

The wrong reform

Suggestion that rank of brigadier be eliminated, command and control be restructured are ill-informed.

Pieces of peace

Peace initiatives on LoC, and internally in J&K, must be enthusiastically welcomed, but not taken at face value

New shades of an old conflict

Emergence of credible threats in ‘rear of rear areas’ points to a transformation in threat pattern. As Pakistan’s provocation changes, India’s response must be different too.

Don’t suspend disbelief

US President’s censure notwithstanding, Pakistan continues to mainstream terror groups. India cannot let down its guard.

Pakistan, storyteller

Delhi has much to learn from Islamabad’s diplomatic outreach to the world

Outreach that escaped scrutiny

Until the death of Burhan Wani, Kashmir’s new militancy on social media was little understood by the establishment, intelligence agencies and media

Infiltration, best countered

Pakistani militants are fervently trying to gain access through Uri. This is a warning bell to step up counter-terror ops, intelligence — and outreach to Kashmiris

On the digital front

To restore stability in Kashmir, security forces must provide a counter-narrative to the psychological warfare on social media

In spite of the faultlines

In a post-Trump world, India can be an example of plural values.

An old new militancy

In the absence of political engagement, a wide space has opened up for radicalisation in the Valley.

State of transition

The J&K situation confounds because it is more ambiguous than any internal conflict the Union of India has faced.

No war, no peace

President Xi’s strategy of seeking enhanced friendship in the backdrop of a border standoff looks set to continue.

The chief’s challenge

General Suhag has 30 months to push the army modernisation project.

Seize the day

How Modi can address the drift and alienation in Kashmir