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Thursday, July 07, 2022

Suvir Saran


The writer is a chef, author, educator and world traveller.

Reflections as the virus hits closer home
Sun, May 16, 2021

These past months have helped us understand what matters most in life

When we ignore the brain
Sat, Apr 17, 2021

Where we need the most mindful care, we can be quite mindless

Why we need to stand in the light
Sat, Apr 03, 2021

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or Holi, or nothing at all, never forget to celebrate life

What does it mean to be an inclusive, empathetic society
Sat, Mar 20, 2021

As we celebrate World Autism Day on April 2, a reminder of what we can be to the differently abled

Why all the good we did ten years ago doesn’t matter at all
Sun, Mar 07, 2021

True religion connects us to our self and allows us to be most present in the here and now -- what matters is what we do now

Our sacred, human duty
Sat, Feb 20, 2021

True religion is that which fosters compassion and understanding for those who are different from us

Why we need to come home to ourselves
Sat, Feb 06, 2021

When we connect to what’s in the core of our beings, we connect to the rest of humanity

The USA’s moment of reckoning speaks to all of us
Sun, Jan 24, 2021

What India - and the rest of the world - can learn from how the world's oldest democracy tackled its most urgent crisis

How 2021 can be a year of possibilities, starting with acknowledging our dependence on others
Sun, Jan 10, 2021

No matter how invulnerable we may feel, as individuals or nations, we all need periodic reality checks

The biggest lesson from 2020: compassion and selflessness
Sun, Dec 27, 2020

COVID-19 is a clarion call to reflect upon our actions and choices and to remember that, in the end, what goes around, comes around.

How you can help local artists and businesses this Christmas
Sun, Dec 13, 2020

Cut the mindless consumption this season, and make a difference by playing Santa

Memories of My Father
Sun, Nov 29, 2020

Life is often harshest to the best. Perhaps it has an uncanny sense that it can test the best with the worst

Let there be light
Sat, Nov 14, 2020

Can we look beyond the darkness that engulfs us and find hope?

An Art Lesson
Sun, Nov 01, 2020

As in life, so in the pandemic, art and creativity are proving to be wellsprings of hope.

An Illusion Called Normality
Sun, Oct 18, 2020

For this world to be a civil society of diverse yet connected humans, we must guarantee respect and regard for people with disabilities

Learning love, faith and acceptance from my parents
Sat, Oct 03, 2020

My parents were bold outliers in a world where silence and tolerance of bigotry turns into tacit acceptance and approval.

Why Baba Azmi’s Mee Raqsam is a tribute to his father, the poet Kaifi Azmi
Sat, Sep 19, 2020

Kaifi asked Baba to shoot a film in Mijwan many years ago. One hundred years after the poet’s birth, the son returns to his father’s hometown.

Konkona Sen Sharma: There is so much casual cruelty in everyday life
Sun, Sep 06, 2020

The actor and filmmaker on the ideas that shape her work, being raised to have an independent mind and why we should expect to receive all our happiness from one source

What Pandit Jasraj taught us about becoming one with the divine
Sat, Aug 22, 2020

The iconic vocalist made his music a prayer to the god that resides in all life

Ten important ideas for Indian restaurants this Independence Day
Sat, Aug 08, 2020

Enough of stealing foods from other cultures. Let’s shine the light on our country’s culinary traditions

When will ethnicity stop mattering?
Sun, Jul 26, 2020

I’m hoping to see a day when I’m just a human being and my food, clothing, language and art are simply nouns with no belittling adjectives

Suvir’s Slice of Life: Birbal Kee Khitcheree will leave you craving for more
Sun, Jul 19, 2020

This dish is so lovely that I often just serve it with nothing else except for some raita, achaar (if craving spice), and crispy papadum on the side, shares chef Suvir Saran

Suvir’s Slice of Life: Celebrate good times with mom’s doughnuts
Sat, Jul 18, 2020

This recipe highlights the beautiful and simple brilliance of fried dough, and how it has the power to delight young and more mature palates alike, shares chef Suvir Saran.

Suvir’s Slice of Life: Nani’s French Toast is perfect for breakfast
Fri, Jul 17, 2020

For an extra special touch, pulse some sugar cubes with lemon zest in your food processor and sprinkle over the French Toast before serving, suggests chef Suvir Saran

Suvir’s Slice of Life: Seviyan ki kheer will add sweetness to your celebrations
Thu, Jul 16, 2020

Though made just like rice kheer, this creamy pudding is thick and firm in consistency, says chef Suvir Saran