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Food historian Salma Yusuf Husain brings back recipes from Shah Jahan’s dastarkhwan

During her research, Husain also travelled across central Asia, including Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand, and discovered how noodles and pastas were also present in the Mughal kitchen.

Cushion and Swipe: The Indian woman’s evolving relationship with love, sex and dhokha

It is now carried out via a host of dating apps.

Historian Giles Tillotson completes his trilogy on the golden triangle with his latest book, Delhi Darshan

In the book, Tillotson provides an account of Delhi’s built heritage. He traces the earliest settlements in Indraprastha, takes the readers through the legacy of the Mughals, and the ordered symmetries of Lutyen’s Delhi.

Debutante author Abdullah Khan on why it took him two decades to write Patna Blues

While the love affair had many critics label the book as pulp fiction and Bollywood-esque, the author says he drew inspiration from the Russian novel Anna Karenina, and wanted to weave a “nice” story set in the Bihari hinterlands and rooted in reality.

Weaving a coming-of-age story in a graphic novel using Madhubani art and chhota Nagpuri Hindi

The graphic novel, for children and young adults, is the brainchild of designer Raj Kumari and her screenwriter husband Varun Grover.

Monisha Rajesh on travelling around the world, writing about it and why no country can match the efficiency level of Japan

In Around the World in 80 Trains (Bloomsbury, Rs 599), a title she borrows from Jules Verne’s acclaimed adventure novel, we ride along with Rajesh and her fiancé Jem (now her husband) on their 45,000-mile adventure on some of the best rail services.

In Today’s World

The exhibition is on at Alliance Francaise de Delhi till March 28.

Indian and international artists have been working on murals to convert a residential Delhi colony into Lodhi Art District

Mumbai-based Sajid Wajid has painted a mural in vibrant red, blue and yellow, where he celebrates feminity through the work. As does the Aravani Art Project, where 15 trans-women and volunteers painted portraits of women they worked with, and who have shaped their philosophy.

A slew of artists explore the relationship between technology, art and nature in an exhibition at KONA, in Delhi’s Jor Bagh Market

The exhibition begins and ends with the artwork by Dutch artist Daan Botlek. He paints his signature figurine of a man and responds to the theme of the exhibition of human lives entangled between technology, art and nature.

Photographer Martha Cooper on documenting the early years of graffiti and the slow, but steady, mainstream recognition of the art form

To Whom the Streets Belong: The New York-based photographer, 76, who is in the capital for the ongoing street art festival by St+Art Foundation, is known for capturing street art across the world.

Tamil Nadu’s award-winning publishing house that refuses to back down

A Nagercoil-based publisher has been breaking new ground with award-winning Tamil publications.

A collective of refugee women from Afghanistan are working to preserve their traditional hand embroidery

The idea of Atiqa came up after interaction with lawyers at Migration and Asylum Project (MAP), a Delhi-based refugee law centre that provides legal assistance to refugees seeking asylum before the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in India.

Feeding the child

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar on her latest book for children, parenting in today’s time, and why policy intervention is required

Families in Food: South Delhi’s 70-year-old sweet shop with a view of Qutub Minar

In Mehrauli, a bite of mithai and a slice of Delhi’s past.

Pakistani artist Khalil Chishtee’s debut show in India makes a comment on war and religion

In the exhibition, Khalil Chishtee, who learned the art of calligraphy from Lahore’s master artist Sadeqain, also reflects on his childhood memories in the aftermath of the Partition and the political ups and downs in the country.

The India Design ID in its seventh edition presents designs from across the country

Can a transistor be a coaster? Can a mug be a pouffe? Taamaa, a lifestyle brand, takes everyday objects and pushes them over the cliff of one’s imagination.

A limited edition book on Tibetan murals is a study in the intricacies of Buddhism and its spiritual and emotional significance

Thomas Laird, the American writer-photographer was in the Capital at the India Art Fair (IAF), for his sumo-sized book Murals of Tibet, where he documented over hundred Buddhist murals across temples and palaces.

Sunita Bali has been selling products through fairs, exhibitions and her website, in India and other countries

Sunita Bali went to the hill state as a design consultant with the Ministry of Textiles to work with weavers and help make their craft more sustainable and productive.

‘It feels like he was born for today,’ says documentary filmmaker Meera Dewan

Meera Dewan revisits the life and philosophy of Baba Farid in her latest film

World on a Palette at India Art Fair in Delhi

The 11th India Art Fair highlights global concerns, from the refugee crisis and migration to gender violence and feminism