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Waiting to Exhale

Why anxiety has become the prime disorder of our mindscape

One Step Away

Heritage activist Vikramjit Singh Rooprai has documented the baolis of Delhi in his latest book

The Invisible Army

In his latest docu-series, wildlife filmmaker Krishnendu Bose tells the stories of forest guards who man India’s forests, even though their work remains largely unrecognised.

Purple frogs and lonely battles

Filmmakers Vijay and Ajay Bedi, who recently won the National Award for The Secret Life of Frogs, on wildlife protection laws, saving the ecosystem and watching amphibians do headstands

Ashis Nandy: ‘Our future is nothing but present of today’s West’

That was Ashis Nandy, one of the country’s leading public intellectuals in India, speaking at the Express Adda Wednesday evening (detailed transcript will be published soon).

Once upon a time

Authors are revisiting stories of women achievers to present a new set of role models for children and young adults

Sunanda Pushkar’s biography, launched in Delhi, chronicles her tumultuous life and controversial death

The author, Sunanda Mehta who has worked with The Indian Express for over two decades and was the Resident Editor of the newspaper’s Pune edition, was in conversation with journalist Nalini Singh and retired IPS officer Meeran Chadha Borwankar.

Writer-performer Priya Malik’s ode to the good old days has got everyone nostalgic

The piece, 2019 mein 1999, had its humble beginning with a ‘steel ki thaali’. Mumbai-based Priya Malik had specially bought one because she was tired of eating in glass crockery.

A new book explains the A to Z of Kashmiri culture to children

Writer-blogger Onaiza Drabu’s first book — Okus Bokus (Rs 600, Sonth Kashmir) — is making an attempt to introduce the A to Z of Kashmiri culture and lifestyle to children.

University Special

As a new batch enters Delhi University, here’s a tour of north campus’ popular food stops.

Into the Wild

In her latest book, writer Nabanita Deshmukh weaves stories about the animal kingdom.

Duckbill’s hOle book series aids children to transition from picture books to independent reading of longer text

With 22 books in the series, over one lakh copies have been sold, an impressive figure for an indie publishing house in India.

Sisterhood Of Survivors

We need more shows that place the experiences of women at their centre.

Travelling Suitcase: Eat, Pray, Love

What a non-gambling, non-partying vegetarian does in the Las Vegas of the East.

Australian historian Joanne Taylor documents the churches of India in her latest book

Australian historian Joanne Taylor also brings to notice how church photography in India is limited to documenting the huge facades and massive exteriors.

Of nine yards and a hashtag

A viral trend has women — and even men — sharing their saree moments.

Through a lens darkly

From Mehboob Khan’s Mother India to Hrithik Roshan’s super-tanned Anand Kumar in last week’s release, Super 30, brownfacing actors to show people from less-privileged backgrounds is not a new phenomenon in the Hindi film industry, but certainly a troubling one

Author Devapriya Roy on her new book and the process of writing serialised fiction

Roy has written two novels, a travelogue The Heat and Dust Project (2015) and a graphic novel, Indira (2018). Her next book is a sequel to the travelogue, called Man. Woman. Road.

Now Playing, the Korean KARD

Popular K-pop band KARD makes its India debut with concerts in two cities.

Through his debut album, a Kashmiri hip hop artiste hopes to tell the Valley’s story, but this time in his own language

What also sets the album apart is that Ahmer raps in Koshur, something not many rappers in the valley have attempted.