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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Sukanya Nandy


Gluten Intolerance: The rising problem of wheat-related disorders
Wed, Jan 16, 2019

The International Symposium on Wheat related Disorders (ISWD) 2019 organised by the Celiac Society of India (CSI) in January in Delhi aimed to create awareness about early diagnosis and management of the disease of which "Indian have little or no knowledge".

Meet celebrity drape artist Dolly Jain, the one behind Deepika, Priyanka and Sonam’s impeccable wedding looks
Tue, Jan 08, 2019

Dolly Jain, who has an impressive clientele including the likes of Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, the Ambanis, Lakshmi Mittal and Sangita Jindal talks about her journey as a draping artist and the latest trends you can choose from.

Metallics, dramatic sleeves, heavy jewellery: Fashion trends to watch out for in 2019
Thu, Jan 03, 2019

Living coral, metallics and sequins, athleisure, heavy jewellery, cowgirl boots: hear it from the experts on what fashion trends to expect in 2019.

Filipino cuisine to ancient Indian ingredients: Food trends to watch out for in 2019
Fri, Jan 04, 2019

Food trends might be of interest to foodies alone, but you can't deny their soft power. Every year, experts list out the trends that are expected to make a difference in the food scene and this time, we have a few interesting ones.

International Tea Day: Chai lovers who left their high-paying jobs to sell tea
Sat, Dec 15, 2018

On this International Tea Day (December 15), we spoke to some tea lovers who converted their love for the beverage into a booming business.

Instagram is a great source of inspiration when it comes to food styling: Chef Kunal Kapur
Fri, Dec 07, 2018

Instagram India recently held an event, Food @Instagram, where renowned chefs, food bloggers and food stylists came together for a discussion on how Instagram has helped them grow their business.

Homemade skin and hair mask concoctions to protect against air pollution
Wed, Nov 28, 2018

From honey and olive to beer, here are some masks to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of air pollution. Bring back the glow this festive season.

Sweet or not sweet? Two artisans take us through the difficult process of chocolate-making
Tue, Oct 23, 2018

Chocolatiers Pragati Sawhney of Chockriti and Devansh Ashar of Pascati Chocolate spoke to about the difficulties faced every day during chocolate-making.

Durga Puja: Probashi (expat) Bengalis have ensured that they don’t miss a beat of the Durga Puja
Wed, Oct 10, 2018

Bengalis living outside Bengal celebrate Durga Puja with the same pomp and bonhomie as back home.

Ajay Mayor and the sustainable fashion of Raag
Tue, Oct 09, 2018

Fashion brand Raag comes to India – Russian influences, Japanese roots and Indian textiles.

Is an Ayurvedic diet based on your Dosha helpful?
Mon, Oct 08, 2018

An Ayurvedic diet is basically a personalized diet that suits and balances your unique Dosha, instead of aggravating it. But it alone will do you no good if you are not regular about your meal timings.

Alzheimer’s Day: Indian support groups for both patients & caregivers
Fri, Sep 21, 2018

While there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s, these organisations provide help and training for patients and their families to deal with the disease and slow its progression.

Is it a bad idea to drink water after meals? Hear it from the experts
Thu, Sep 20, 2018

Hydration is not only good for our health, but it is also known to encourage digestion whether we drink water before or after meals. Read on to know what the experts have to say.

The million-dollar question: Is a vegetarian diet as nutritious as a non-vegetarian one?
Wed, Sep 05, 2018

While vegetables provide vital nutrients, is there a case for including a limited portion of lean meat to get the required amount of protein in our body?

Raksha Bandhan 2018: Special recipes by sisters to celebrate the bond of love
Fri, Sep 21, 2018

As Raksha Bandhan falls on August 26 this year, we asked food bloggers and contributors on what they would like to cook for their brothers on this special day.

Know your food: A beginner’s guide to reading a food label
Wed, Aug 22, 2018

Did you know that eating a full bowl of chips means consuming almost 500-600 calories, which is the amount equivalent to a full meal? More interesting stuff to unearth here, read on!

Two moms reveal what postpartum depression feels like — know the symptoms
Mon, Aug 13, 2018

While we are mostly aligned with the concept that motherhood is a beautiful and life-altering experience, there's an alternative reality as well. A reality where a mother may question if having a baby was the right choice.

From Gucci to Louboutin: 12 times fashion designers turned to art for inspiration
Sat, Aug 11, 2018

The long-standing love affair between art and fashion has definitely come a long way and has helped designers create many iconic designs. As rightly put by artist Andy Warhol, " Fashion is more art than art is."

Benefits of breastfeeding: Why is it good for the mother and baby?
Sat, Aug 04, 2018

Breast milk contains all the vital vitamins and nutrients your baby needs in the first six months of life. The first three month of breastfeeding is crucial because breast milk helps your baby fight against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Know your beer: How not to get knocked down by the wide variety of beers in India
Fri, Aug 03, 2018

#InternationalBeerDay: The difference between types of beer can be distinguished by it's fermentation process and type of yeast used in it. From lagers to wheat beers to pale ales and sour ales – name it and it can be yours.

Mental healthcare is non-existent for LGBTQI community in India: Keshav Suri
Thu, Sep 06, 2018

One of the deadliest mental health disorder, depression has been on a rise, especially among the LGBTQI community. Keshav Suri, in an event, spoke of the mental health issues faced by members of the community.

World Chocolate Day 2018: 5 Indian artisans on how they started their own chocolate business
Sat, Jul 07, 2018

As people celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7, let's take a look at chocolate stores around India. From dry fruits to tequila-infused chocolates, share these little delicacies with your loved ones.

Yoga for stress relief: Celebrity fitness trainers Deanne Panday and Eefa Shrof give expert tips
Thu, Jul 05, 2018

Feeling stressed out? Incorporate yoga in your daily routine and see the difference. Learn from celebrity fitness trainers Eefa Shrof and Deanne Panday on how to go about it.

From cute beanies to fascinators: Stunning headgears Meghan Markle has worn since her Royal engagement
Thu, Jun 28, 2018

In Britain, hats are an important part of the royal protocol, that insists women have to wear hats to all formal events. Here's a roundup of every single hat Meghan Markle has worn since her engagement to Prince Harry last year.