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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Sudeep Paul


Nowhere man
Sat, Sep 19, 2009

<B>Love and Obstacles</B> <B><font color="#cc000">Aleksandar Hemon</font></B> <B>Picador</B> <B>£ 5.99,210 pages</B>

Bio Diversity
Sat, Aug 08, 2009

J.M. Coetzee’s fictionalised memoir traces a writer in the no man’s land between Africa and Europe

Russia’s long shadow
Tue, Aug 04, 2009

In the battle for history,Moscow attempts to checkmate the EU

Open Ire
Sun, Jun 28, 2009

Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa against Rushdie as the first global salvo of radical Islam n Sudeep Paul

A freshness in the Levant
Wed, Jun 03, 2009

Change,in the person of Barack Obama,is coming to the Middle East this week...

Archipelago Unravels
Sun, May 17, 2009

Tash Aw travels to the heart of Sukarno’s Indonesia

‘The personal and political are deeply intertwined in our times’
Thu, May 07, 2009

Encounters with Salman Rushdie,recently published by Penguin and edited by Daniel Herwitz and Ashutosh Varshney...

Under Western Eyes
Sat, Apr 25, 2009

In a report in The Guardian on April 16,the day India had its first round of polling,Randeep Ramesh enlightened his reader...

Fri, Mar 20, 2009

When Jean-Paul Sartre refused the Nobel in 1964,it wasn’t a stunt of one kind or the other.

Rise of the radical pragmatist
Thu, Feb 12, 2009

Israel’s election disappointed leftists,gladdened the far-right

Man who saw tomorrow
Sun, Feb 08, 2009

Roberto Bolaño died in 2003. But his work is only just beginning to revolutionise fiction

A Life in Books
Sun, Feb 01, 2009

Nine ways to understand John Updike

Two Towers of Babel
Fri, Jan 30, 2009

In 1960,the late Israeli satirist Ephraim Kishon viewed Israel as a land rebuilding the Tower of Babel.

Sun, Jan 18, 2009

John Updike’s witches return,widowed and wrinkled,but America has moved on

Three clocks in Tel Aviv
Wed, Jan 07, 2009

Domestic politics underlies Israel’s decisions in Gaza - or does it?