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Eoin Morgan: Irishman who turned English cricket around

A boy’s dream, a teenager’s sweat, and a man’s stubborn ambition. The Indian Express traces the story of the Irishman who turned English cricket around and won them the World Cup.

Post World Cup win: England basks in deflected glory

Perhaps, the entertaining and aggressive style that England have played in this World Cup and over the last four years — and the fact that this team is very inclusive and diverse in its cast — can make a difference.

World Cup 2019: Final retold

David Johnston, Kane Williamson’s childhood coach, recounts the tension and drama of the greatest ODI ever played.

England vs New Zealand: Greatest game ever played

Four overthrows off diving batsman’s willow, two ties in a game decided by number of boundaries — stars align to hand England maiden World title.

Tietanic: England win World Cup 2019 after match and Super Over end in ties

ICC World Cup 2019: England triumphed in the end, not because New Zealand were less talented — both teams ended up equals, not once, but twice. First, in the regular game, then in the Super Over. But England had more boundaries than New Zealand — 26 to 17 — and they won.

World Cup 2019, New Zealand vs England: Renaissance men

Williamson dragged a team out of his predecessor's image; Morgan tore the ethos of a dated cricketing establishment. Both thus charted their own contrasting paths to the cusp of immortality.

From YC (young cricketer) to WC final today, journey back to Lord’s

Cricketing dreams don’t get more romantic than that. From his hostel at Hampstead, Ross Taylor would catch bus number 46 to Lord’s, carrying his bat to develop his game.

Rolls Roy-ce: England on the verge of World Cup victory

The England opener has managed to merge talent with discipline, and now stands on the verge of a World Cup win.

Australia vs England: How the mighty have fallen

ICC World Cup 2019: Defending champions Australia get the beating of their lives as England steamroll the Old Enemy to enter World Cup final.

Needed a solid batsman in middle order: Ravi Shastri after semi-final loss

Ravi Shastri acknowledged that in the end, the absence of a “solid” specialist No. 4 batsman, which led to brittleness in the middle order, made the difference.

MS Dhoni: The un-finisher

For a while Dhoni looked like he would turn back the clock and script another great escape, but that was not to be.

Ravindra Jadeja: He lofted, drove, cut, swept, pulled… almost took India home

ICC World Cup 2019: Jadeja dashed down the track - a manic, imperious possessed run and he gave it a thunderous wallop. The crowd, who didn’t know where the next Indian run was going to come, were stunned.

Picture courtesy: New Zealand

ICC Cricket World Cup: The world found out they had read it right. One man in New Zealand wasn’t surprised. Williamson’s batting coach since the age of 10, David Johnston.

India vs New Zealand: ‘45 mins of bad cricket’

The 18-run loss wasn’t an expected result when India finished top of the table and were drawn to play New Zealand, the No. 4 side.

IND vs NZ semi-complete: Rain extends first semifinal into reserve day

ICC World Cup 2019: New Zealand were struggling for the most part of their innings and were 211/5 in 46.1 overs when rain interrupted proceedings. The cricket on show was utterly fascinating, though.

World Cup 2019: Bits & pieces that make Ravindra Jadeja a complete player

Jadeja is also a man who knows how to bounce back. Nearly every time he has been written off — dropped from the team, from Tests or ODIs, — he comes back in some style.

Behind so many Indian faces in stands: Priority for ICC-linked fan groups, sheer desperation

The answer, possibly, lies in a meeting at Lord’s two years ago, just before the Champions Trophy, when Indian cricket fan group Bharat Army’s founder Rakesh Patel met Steve Elworthy, the ICC’s in-charge for fan experience.

£600 aircraft banner can’t be grounded, police say ‘their right’

In the last two World Cup games at the Yorkshire county ground, political message against India and Pakistan have whizzed over the ground.

India vs New Zealand: New order at Old Trafford?

In case India take a bold punt, KL Rahul at No.4 and Mayank Agarwal opening might strengthen middle order.

World Cup 2019: Colours in sepia

Day games, routine totals, retro jerseys, dropped catches... the post-modern era World Cup is soaked in vibrant vintage