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Sowmiya Ashok is an Assistant Editor at The Indian Express. She reports on politics and the environment. She tweets @sowmiyashok

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From Beijing, lessons for Delhi on Metro fare pricing and scaling up

The ridership pattern of the two public transporters — cumulatively carrying over 1.50 crore passengers daily in two of the most populated world capitals — seen against their evolving fare structures and growth in network makes for a study in contrast.

That day after everyday: The loss of a loved one is a reminder of the impermanence of life

In Harsh’s words, Toulouse sounded lovely, almost like paradise. But to him, it wasn’t this French city where he pursued a PhD in, it was the west Delhi neighbourhood of Janakpuri he grew up in, that was truly paradise.

In China, archeologists find earliest evidence of ochre on bone engravings

The discovery of abstract engravings is considered an indicator of modern human cognition which researchers say led to the development of symbols, drawings, art and language.

As China seeks to recycle more, Shanghai implements strict regulations

Individuals may be fined anything from 50 to 200 yuan (one yuan converts to roughly Rs 10) for not complying with the new waste management policy, while enterprises can be fined up to 5,000 yuan for failing to have the right trash bins in place.

Comic artist Krish Raghav traces the role of Chinese-Jamaicans in reggae history and how the music reached China

How the beat came home: Krish Raghav works for a China-based music promoter which organises tours and music festivals. He moved to Beijing as a student of public policy in 2012.

India’s entry into nuke club not on agenda of NSG meet: China

Beijing also declined to provide a timeline for member-states to reach a “consensus” to include non-NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) members into the fold.

With paper and a promise, a Chinese cafe keeps traditional writing alive

To The Indian Express, she hands a simple version for foreigners with “zhongwen” written in Chinese - “zhong” meaning “centre or middle” and “wen” meaning “writing”.

Beijing says Hong Kong protests China’s internal affair

Information on protests in Hong Kong was heavily censored in mainland China including on microblogging site Weibo. While Chinese news agency Xinhua did not carry details on Hong Kong, a report on Taiwan stressed the "Chinese mainland has unwavering resolve to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity" and will "not tolerate separatist elements advocating "Taiwan independence".

China blames ‘foreign forces’ for massive Hong Kong protests over extradition Bill

More than a million people reportedly took part in a protest to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance.

US cannot use ‘extreme pressure’ to force trade negotiations, says China

China said its negotiators were still “committed to credible consultations based on equality and mutual benefit” but said there will be no compromise on “matters of principle”.

For a Chinese podcast, personal stories are a way of bringing people closer

The podcast series, which has now completed over 200 episodes, offers intimate, personal audio stories on everyday lives in China.

Fox, Chinese state TV anchors face off in latest trade war frontier

The two anchors discussed intellectual property theft, state capitalism, tariffs, China’s status as a developing nation and key issues in the trade talks, which Liu later termed as a “conversation” between the two.

Nuanced interventions, not bureaucratic silos, will help to clean the Ganga

The cleanliness of the river on the ground is driven by engineering. This does not consider the health of the worker, the health of the river from an environmental standpoint or ensuring that the processes in place work smoothly. 

Sahitya Akademi: ‘Interested in contemporary Chinese writing that interests young Indians’

Rao, who is in Beijing to attend the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC), said contemporary literature in India has taken on new forms like writing poetry in Sanskrit on mobile phones.

How China, followed by India, has led greening efforts across world

Data show that since Independence, a fifth of India’s land has consistently been under forests.

One million species face extinction: Why biodiversity report matters

Among the findings that are making global headlines is the assessment that as many as 1 million different species, out of a total of an estimated 8 million plant and animal species, are facing the threat of extinction, more than at any previous time, because of changes brought about in natural environments by human activities.

One million species at risk of extinction, need transformative changes: UN

“Even for global warming of 1.5 to 2 degrees, the majority of terrestrial species ranges are projected to shrink profoundly,” a United Nations body notes.

Masood Azhar blacklisted: Beijing says it studied revised material, decided to end objections

Responding to the development, Beijing said “relevant countries” had “revised and re-submitted the materials” for the listing proposal to the 1267 Committee.

Masood Azhar on terror blacklist: Beijing closer to letting it happen

Three UNSC members — US, UK and France — have been pursuing the case with China over the last two months, while New Delhi has also been engaging separately with Beijing.

Xi-Imran meeting: China hopes Pakistan, India can meet halfway

Addressing the Pakistan and China Investment Forum in Beijing Sunday, Khan expressed hope that relations between the two neighbours will improve after the Indian general elections.