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Young villagers are on a mission to preserve the ancient living root bridges of Meghalaya

A 23-year-old is rounding up locals from his village to preserve an ancient form of architecture: that of the world-famous living root bridges of Meghalaya

Shillong Versus Shillong: a coming-of-age novel follows unlikely friendships in troubled times

Nilanjan Choudhury’s new book — set around the friendship of three teenagers — grapples with the “insiders” versus “outsiders” trope that has dominated the story of Shillong for decades

Streaming now: How two Meghalaya paddlers are surfing on a new course for their future

Two local boys Shiningstar Basaiawmoit and June Borlang Lyngdoh are Meghalaya’s unlikely whitewater pioneers — kayaking their way into a different kind of future.

How a Meghalaya football league is taking baby steps towards life goals

In football-crazy Northeast India, a group of children kickstart Meghalaya’s very own baby football league.