Siddhartha S

Siddhartha S is an author of 5 books — ’60 Keys to Success with NLP’, ‘Thank God it’s Monday’, and many others. He calls himself a ‘weekend writer’ and writes on how to attain peak performance in personal life. The views presented are strictly his personal views and cannot be attributed to any organisation he is or will be part of.

Articles By Siddhartha S

Working It Out: The secret to side-hustling

I often get asked that how do you manage your passion for writing along with your busy work life. Allow me to share certain life-hacks that have worked for me and see if you can adopt them in your life.

Working It Out: Why it’s important to create a work-life balance

We live in a digital age and smart work matters more than hard work. We want happy, productive and energetic employees rather than the employees who are compelled to work long hours at sub-optimal productivity levels.

Working It Out: Did the education system fail us?

Is the education system flawed? Identify the job skills that are relevant for the next couple of decades, and if your school or college is not imparting those skills to you, you can learn them on your own.

Working It Out: The future of work and digital

Robotics adoption, carbon 3D printing will affect business and economics structures, resulting in massive unemployment in manufacturing as well as agriculture sector. Learn the skills that are going to be highest paid skill in the year 2020 or 2025.

Working It Out: 7 productivity hacks for success

When you do a task happily, you are very productive. Thus, in order to be productive at work, either do only what you love or love everything that you have to do. Do not argue too much with people who pay you.

Working It Out: 16 ‘no-nonsense’ lessons for professional success

There is nothing great about poverty. Adversity makes you strong but eventually, it breaks you if you do not get out of it soon. Money may not bring happiness, but poverty guarantees unhappiness. So here are some tips that may give you a successful career.

Working It Out: Ten Hacks for a Super Memory

In the age of smartphones with instant access to calendar, reminders, and online search engines, we have significantly reduced the usage of memory function all humans have been blessed with.

Working It Out: 8 real hacks to get rid of office politics

People who understand politics may be a little miserable but those who fail to read the situation in advance lose badly. Conquering office politics takes a right balance of speed, patience and stakeholder management.

Working It Out: Management lessons from the Ramayana

Be a curious student and see what you should learn from Ramayana to take your professional life to the next level. The characters of Rama, Ravana, Kaikeye and Dashratha, among all the others, have much to teach, if only you know where to look.

Working It Out: Best professional advice for your 20s

Academic success does matter although the topper of the class need not turn out to be the most successful necessarily. Yes, those toppers do not fail miserably in life and do well for themselves, but there are more factors that create extraordinary professional success than just academic excellence.

Working It Out: Why meditation is a new must for professionals?

There are ample of studies by reputed medical institutes published in world famous journals which prove that meditation is even more powerful than medication for sound emotional health. Meditation is the internal bathing and cleansing of the mind.

Working It Out: How to be a published author?

A published book is the best example that the intangible becomes tangible if you are willing to invest time.

Working It Out: How to become a successful motivational speaker?

We live in a world of information where the attention of people is comparable to money. Before you deliver your first speech, you need to decide the core message of your future talks.

The secrets to ‘offline’ happiness

We live in a world where other people’s happiness becomes an indication of what is missing in our own lives.

Working It Out: How to get faster promotions at work?

Follow these seven tips to ensure you're always a step ahead of your peers.

Here’s what most entrepreneurs fail to learn

There are no guaranteed success formulae in this world, but if you are open to learning you may figure out the patterns that maximise your probability of success.

Working It Out: Here’s what makes an entrepreneur

Five ways how entrepreneurial culture can and should be encouraged today.

Ask yourself these 10 questions to make sure your start-up does not fail

Ask yourself these 10 questions before you take-off on your start-up journey. Then tick-off each answer before starting your own venture.

Working It Out: How to think like self-made billionaires

Do you think the billionaires know something that is never shared with the masses? It's time to find out.

Working It Out: How to follow your passion, and make money too

If you remember these six principles, your passion will reward you with the dream life you want.