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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Shubhanjana Das


Kareena Kapoor Khan spills skincare, hair care secrets: ‘The worst advice I ever received was…’
Tue, May 17, 2022

The actor talks about the importance of sunscreen, the worst skincare advice she has received, haircare secret she inherited from family, and postpartum hair fall

Meet Kartik Kumra, the young fashion designer who learnt designing from YouTube and books
Mon, May 09, 2022

Defying the unquestioned norm that fashion designing needs formal education, Kumra not only taught himself design but also made menswear creations that would go on to catch the eyes of global platforms

Planning a road trip? You can drive through these countries with an Indian licence
Fri, May 13, 2022

If you're taking an international holiday this year, check if your Indian licence permits you to drive through these countries

These designers are paving the way for a new era in sustainable fashion, courtesy of food and agricultural waste
Mon, May 02, 2022

From agro-waste fabrics to discarded fish scales leather, with their innovation, climate-conscious, and globally relevant designs, these creative minds have managed to shift the presumptions of fabrics made from waste and pave the path for new possibilities in eco-conscious design that is truly futuristic, yet rooted in Indian sustainability wisdom. 

‘There is no harm to experimenting with skincare, but do it smartly’: Celebrity dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi
Tue, Apr 26, 2022

The doctor divulges tips on skin care, hair care, chemicals, and why DIY skincare isn't enough in her new book 'Skin Sense'

The changing face of showstoppers in Indian fashion shows, beyond Bollywood
Wed, Apr 20, 2022

AAP leader Raghav Chadha, art curator Shalini Passi, singer Manasi Scott, influencer Masoom Minawala and even ace designer Rohit Bal turned showstoppers this season, tipping the scales towards non-normative showstoppers in Indian fashion weeks

‘I am tired of seeing beautiful Indian clothes relegated to weddings’: Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani
Wed, Apr 13, 2022

The ace designer talks about how digital shows will never match physical shows, pivoting more to 'fashion' from 'bridal', and what lies ahead

‘I drew my inspiration from the immersive power of movies’: Khyati Trehan on creating a representation of the Oscars statue for The Academy
Tue, Apr 05, 2022

"I drew my inspiration from the immersive power of movies, building on the idea that our bodies are in one place but everything else that makes us living, breathing human beings, are transported," said the award winning artist

‘Beauty is a huge confidence builder, occupies an irreplaceable place’: Manish Malhotra
Mon, Mar 28, 2022

"With the overwhelming beauty standards set by the world, people have somewhere forgotten their individuality. My wish is to give aspirational individuals a platform, medium and place to express themselves," says the ace designer

Pandemic and after: Looking at systemic flaws and road to recovery for Indian craft economy
Wed, Mar 16, 2022

For the crafts sector to continue on its journey of recovery and redemption in the pandemic, wider appreciation and incentivisation needs to take place in the fashion and textile industry

Women of the Shershabadi community sew tales of tradition to keep a lesser-known craft form alive
Tue, Mar 08, 2022

Khetas are embroidered, reversible quilts made from layering and stitching together four to five old, worn off saris and is a generational craft form that has originally been practised by the women of the Shershabadi community

‘Conventional beauty standards exclude most of us who don’t fit the norm’: Taapsee Pannu
Tue, Mar 01, 2022

"It is time to break through and change the conventional beauty standards as they are not only restrictive, but they also fail to elevate diversity," said the actor

‘Clothes should never distract from the emotion of a scene’: ‘Gehraiyaan’ costume stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania
Thu, Feb 24, 2022

Anaita Shroff Adajania gives us a glimpse of what went behind dressing Alisha, Tia, Zain and Karan in the film, the change she hopes this movie will bring, and working with Deepika over the years

‘It is my comfort and confidence amid the chaos’: Women share what wearing a hijab means to them
Thu, Feb 24, 2022

Amid variegated narratives, what do Muslim women have to say about wearing a hijab?

From embracing curls to grey strands: Women recount their evolving relationship with hair
Thu, Feb 03, 2022

"I realised how my hair was never the problem. It was all just in my head."

‘Amid the changes, it was all I could control’: Women recount their evolving relationship with hair
Fri, Jan 28, 2022

What do women feel about their hair? What influences their decision to keep long hair or go bald? How does their mental health impact how they treat their hair? 

‘For a Muslim in this country, justice is utopian’: Aasif Mujtaba on curating photobook ‘Hum Dekhenge’
Fri, Jan 21, 2022

A photobook, curated by Aasif Mujataba and Md Meharban, tiled 'Hum Dekhenge: Protest and Pogrom', named after Faiz Ahmad Faiz's popular Urdu nazm which became the motto of the anti-CAA movement, documents the protests as it unfolded.

How e-commerce is bolstering the craft sector, one click at a time
Thu, Jan 13, 2022

During the pandemic, while the fashion industry adopted hyper digitisation of sales and marketing with aplomb, the crafts sector and the artisans, who make for the backbone of India’s coveted textiles and fashion repository, were left behind

Trends 2022: How comfort-driven fashion put sneakers at the centerstage, even with traditional outfits
Thu, Jan 06, 2022

Many, including Bollywood celebs and sneaker influencers, chose to ditch the usual heels and juttis with traditional outfits for a pair of sneakers, setting off a trend that is now on the rise. 

Yearender 2021: How the pandemic paved way for experiential storytelling in fashion
Fri, Dec 31, 2021

Fashion designers are exploring a directorial approach in their campaigns, investing in bringing cinema-like aspects to turn fashion videos into fashion films with a story, characters, music and screenplay.

‘The idea was to keep nature, humans, animals on the same pedestal’: Sanjay Garg on his new collection ‘Sher Bagh’
Wed, Dec 22, 2021

"The garments are perfect for Safaris, albeit with a touch of luxury to them. We have created a throw-over that you can put on during open-jeep safaris. We have also developed a texture which looks like fur from far but it’s actually silk," said Garg

‘Harnaaz was clear, she wanted to wear something sustainable’: Saisha Shinde on designing Miss Universe finale gown
Tue, Dec 14, 2021

"As Swapnil, whenever I have designed in the past, at the end of it, it was a man’s perspective of what a woman should look like. Now, it is a woman’s perspective of what a woman should look like," she said.

Is 7 per cent GST hike in textiles, apparel a contradiction to the promises of ‘Vocal4Handmade’?
Tue, Dec 14, 2021

“It feels like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing,” said Laila Tyabji.

Of minimal, organic skincare: Brides opt for simple routines before their big day
Tue, Dec 07, 2021

During the shaadi season, more and more brides tend to succumb to bridal skincare fads. But, that tide seems to be turning.

‘I was sitting in a swirl of invention and nostalgia alike’: Sanjena Sathian on penning Gold Diggers
Tue, Nov 30, 2021

"The book tries to write toward a collective story of Indian Americans, but it doesn’t make any claim to be *the* story of Indian Americans or immigrants", the author said.