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Shreya is Senior Sub-Editor at the online desk of Indian Express. She likes to write on social media trends, gender issues, art and culture. She is based in Kolkata. The author is an alumnus of Calcutta University and Jadavpur University. She has been writing for Indian Express Online since 2015.

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Articles By Shreya Das

Meet the Mumbai couple, who is running a food stall to support cook with paralysed husband

As they knew the woman would not accept any financial help from them, preserving her self-esteem, they thought it was best to use her skills and to help her earn money in a respectable way by setting up a food stall.

Saw this ‘astronaut’ on Bengaluru’s streets? Here’s why an artist made the video

Popular theatre actor and film star, Poornachandra Mysore, walked down the street in a silver spacesuit. The video quickly went viral across social media  with the artist and the actor getting a lot of praise online.

‘Indian cuisine is grand and complex, but needs elevation’: Chef Priyam Chatterjee

The chef from Kolkata, who recently became the first Indian chef to receive French honour, talks about his love for French and Bengali cuisine, and his dreams for the future.

After Bengal first rainbow wedding, murmurs of unhappiness, strong assertions of choice

The duo, who both underwent sex re-assignment surgeries, have tied the knot in a traditional Bengali ceremony earlier this month, grabbing headlines all across the world. As people across the globe cheered for their life together, within their community in the state, there has been criticism.

In the brothels of Sonagachi and Matiya, there is real life, and pain, beneath the makeup

Trafficked or abandoned, the women have come to terms with their lives in the red light areas of Kolkata, and their stories are as real as they can be.

In times of Jai Shri Ram, TMC MLA commissions Ram-Sita idols

TMC’s Beleghata MLA Paresh Pal said the statues will be set up near Kadapara area. However, he didn’t give details and it is not clear how the statues will be used.

Inside the mind of Mumbai’s graffiti artist Tyler: ‘I am inspired by logic and common sense’

Mumbai-based street artist Tyler on his quirky takes on contemporary issues, painting walls as a form of social commentary and being compared to Banksy .

Mahesh’s Rath Yatra: 623 years of history and an iron chariot

Referred to as ‘Naba Nilachal’, meaning new Puri, and considered to be the second oldest chariot festival in the world, Mahesh draws a gathering of over two lakh devotees every year.

Meet Angus Duncan, the man in the viral video making jhalmuri outside the Oval

British chef Angus Denoon Duncan who makes the Bengali snack in London talks about how he fell in love with Kolkata street food and his sudden burst of fame.

The lonely, forgotten, women of Sunderbans: Bogged down by the mangroves and apathy

Every year, thousands of tourists from around the world visit the Sundarbans to have an undiluted nature experience. As a result, bringing in some scope of employment mostly for its female residents. However, jobs are not their only concern.

For voters in these Sundarban villages, this election is all about water

The demand of these Sundarban villages’ voters is pretty simple, all they want is an embankment by the Matla river, however, no party is promising to deliver that.

Stuck between penury and risky mangrove, Sundarbans’ honey hunters are bitter

For the villagers living in the delta islands of the estuarine territory adjoining the world’s largest mangrove forest with the biggest population of tigers anywhere, braving the beast is a daily routine, so are the tiger killings.

‘You ignored us, now we will ignore you’: Songachi’s sex workers on why they’ll vote NOTA

The problem isn’t just the indifference by political leaders across party lines. Many living in the alleys of the red-light area don’t have valid identify proofs. The lack of legal documents exposes them to bigger problems.

Why Dhaniakhali tant saris might become a thing of the past

As the yield of the powerloom is always a threat, the only thing working in favour of these weavers are the durability of their goods and their unique Resham paar designs, the signature of Dhaniakhali.

The quick brown dog that’s the first Indian breed to join the police

A rescued pup becomes the first Indian breed to be a part of an elite cop squad.

Yo Ho Ho, and a Bottle of Bangla: Kolkata is truly Tintin City

If you had any doubts over Kolkata’s cred as Tintin City, head to the Tintin and the Brussels Club, a restaurant that specialises in Belgian cuisine and is inspired by the intrepid reporter.

Year Ender 2018: Social media stars who ruled the Indian cyberspace this year

#Trending: The social media stars who got Indians talking in 2018 across social media platforms. From hilarious memes to quirky videos, here's who dominated online and why.

Kolkata: Kids football league kicks off with a bang

“The initiative is for all children where gender is no bar and the goal is to grow interest in the sport,” said Utpal Ganguly, secretary of the Indian Football Association (IFA), the state unit which is overseeing the league in the state.

Tamil Nadu engineering college tells students to stop playing PUBG in hostel

An official from the college justified the circular saying that they had received complaints from students.

Blind football tournament in Kolkata spells new hope for young talent

The special footballs used have bells inside them that tinkle to help the players navigate.